Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1916-1919

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Oct. 12Archibald, E.H.The Atom of the Chemist.
Oct. 21Howard, RossiterOur Architectural Inheritance from the Renaissance.
Oct. 26Archibald, E.H.The Atom of the Scientist (Concluded).
Nov. 2Eastman, MackBrandy and the Fur Trade in New France, 1610-1760.
Nov. 9Clark, R.H.Can We Manufacture Our Own Chemicals in Canada?
Nov. 16Ashton, H.Madame de Sevigne.
Nov. 23Larsen, ThorliefThe Romantic Period of English Literature.
Nov. 30Hall, T.P.The Present Phase of Social Evolution.
Dec. 4Boggs, T.H.The High Cost of Living. Its Causes and Remedies.
Dec. 7Wesbrook, Frank F.Bacteria.
Dec. 14Tupper, Sir Charles H.Subject T.B.A.

Jan. 11Wood, F.G.C.English Drama in its Relation to Present-day Problems.
Jan. 18Davidson, J.G.The Conservation of Waste Products.
Jan. 25Scholefield, E.O.S.Early Settlement of British Columbia.
Feb. 1Haggen, E.A.The Relation of Precious Metals to Finance and Banking.
Feb. 8Wade, F.C.The United Empire Loyalists of Ontario.
Feb. 15Klinck, L.S.The Evolution of Agriculture.
Feb. 22MacBeth, Rev. R.G.The Early Settlements of the Red River Valley.
March lFripp, R. MacKayThe Evolution of Architecture from the Primitive to the Romanesque.
March 8Hodge, E.T.Mountains and How They are Formed.
March 15Weston, W.P.The Place of Art in Education.
March 22Reid, R.L.The French Settlement of Acadia.
Oct. 5Scott, S.D.Recollections of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.
Oct. 11Fraser, C. McLeanAdaptation to Environment as Shown by Some Marine Animals.
Oct. 18Macbeth, Rev. R.G.Pathfinders to the Coast -- Alexander MacKenzie and Robert Campbell.
Oct. 25Fripp, R. MacKayThe Evolution of the House.
Nov. 1Raymond, W.O.The Woman Who Has Gone and the Woman Who Has Come.
Nov. 8McConkey, Mrs, W.A.Proportional Representation.
Nov. 15Lister, J.G.The Magnet and Its Modern Application.
Nov. 22Hawkins, NormanThe Pre-Raphaelites.
Nov. 29McVety, J.H.Industrial Accidents and Workmen's Compensation.
Dec. 6Davidson, J.G.A Survey of Our Native Flora.
Dec. 13Reid, R.L.The Coinage of Gold Coins in B.C.

The Institute program for 1917-1918 also lists the following lectures given under the auspices of the Archeological Institute of America.

OctoberJohnson, W. TempletonThe Archaic Architecture of New Mexico.
DecemberKelsey, F.W.St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome.

Jan. 10Hutchinson, A.H.Growth, Development and Evolution.
Jan. 17Jamieson, Mrs. J.S.Recent Tendencies in Socialism.
Jan. 24Ashton, H.Balzac - The Man.
Jan. 31Trotter, W.R.Migration Within the Empire.
Feb. 7Wheeler, Arthur O.The Peaks and Passes of the Canadian Rockies.
Feb. 14Shaw, H.C.The Poets of Today.
Feb. 21TBA
Feb. 27Anderson, L.F.Delphi -- Ancient and Today.
Feb. 28Clark, R.H.What is Combustion?
March 7Clement, Mr. JusticeThe State of Canada Between the Quebec Act and 1838.
March 14Kingsley, E.T.Capital, Labor and the State.
March 21Sparling, R.A Ramble Through the Prehistoric World -- Restoration of Ancient Life Forms.
March 28Boving, P.A.Mendelism and Plant Breeding.
April 4Thomas, Rev. ErnestTBA
April 12Gowen, Rev. H.H.Rabindranath Tagore.

The Institute program lists the following program as being given the auspices of the Archeological Institute of America.

MarchHorta, VictorThe Cathedrals and Public Buildings in Belgium and Northern France as Affected by the War.
Oct. 3Howay, F.W.The Spaniards at Nootka.
Oct. 10Mullin, R.H.Saving Babies.
Oct. 17TBA
Oct. 24Pritchard, W.A.A Working Man's Viewpoint of History.
Oct. 31Hebb, T.C.Radiation and Ether.
Nov. 7Ridington, JohnThe `New' Poetry.
Nov. 14Twizell, R.P.S.How to Recognize the Principal Styles of Architecture. (N.B. - This speaker and topic also appear on the 1919-20 program. See below).
Nov. 21Hill-Tout, CharlesRecent Discoveries Bearing Upon the Original Source of Our Alphabetic Symbols.
Nov. 28 Farris, Mrs, J.W. deB. The University of British Columbia and its Relation to the Life of the Province
Dec. 5Sparling, R.Through the Southern Deserts.
Dec. 13Gowen, Rev. H.H.The War Poetry of the Bible.

Jan. 9Bursill, J. FrancisShakespeare on the Stage.
Jan. 16McEvoy, BernardArt and the Printing Press.
Jan. 23Gordon, J.S.Nature Study in Schools.
Jan. 30Makovski, L.W.Where East Meets West.
Feb. 6Ridington, JohnThe New Poetry.
Feb. 13Hall, T.P.The Mathematical and Psychological Principles of Music.
Feb. 20Gutteridge, Miss H.Women's Relation to the Labor Movement.
Feb. 27Sedgewick, G.G.Joseph Conrad.
March 6Sadler, WilfredA City Milk Supply. (N.B. This same and topic appear on the 1919-1920 program. See below).
March 13Plaskett, J.S.Modern Views of the Universe.
March 20Owen, V. LloydPeace River Opportunities.
March 27Todd, O.J.The Architecture of the Athenian Acropolis.

N.B. The program for the 1919 fall series of lectures sponsored by the Institute is not in Box 4, folder 5 of the archives. However, the history of the Institute in Box 1, Folder 1 by M.Y. Williams indicates that part of the 1919-1920 program was devoted to a series entitled "Romance of Sciences." He lists the following speakers and topics but gives no dates for most of the lectures.

n.d.Boggs, T.H.Why has the Pound Sterling Fallen While the American Dollar has increased in Value?
n.d.Twizell, R.P.S.How to Recognize the Principal Styles of Architecture. (N.B. This speaker also listed on Nov. 14, 1918).
n.d.Hutchinson, A.H.The Romance of Biology.
n.d.McKechnie, R.E.The Romance of Prehistoric Man.
n.d.Plaskett, J.S.The Romance of Astronomy.
n.d.McGregor, DonaldThe Prospector as a Factor in the Expansion of Civilization.
Oct. 30MacMillan, H.R.The Forest Regions of B.C.
Dec. 11Reid, R.L., Taylor, A. DunbarSam Slick.


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