Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1920-1929

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N.B. The program for the Spring 1920 series of lectures sponsored by the Institute is not in Box 4, Folder 5 of the archives. Further research is necessary to sort out speakers and their topics. The so-called "Romance" series of the previous year was followed by one on English Literature.

Jan. 8 Sedgewick, G.G.Matthew Arnold as Mid-Victorian Critic of Literature, and Poet.
Feb. 12Davidson, J.G.Fuel as a Determining Factor in the Future History of Western Canada.
Feb. 19Clark, R.H.The Romance of Chemistry.
Feb. 26Boggs, T.H.Democracy: A Failure, An Achievement or a Hope.
n.d.MacIntosh, D.A.The Age of the Earth.
n.d.Sadler, WilfredA City Milk Supply. (N.B. This speaker and title also appears on March 6, 1919).
n.d.Hill-Tout, CharlesThe Mind of Primitive Man.
n.d.Sharpe, CaptainWar Photography.
n.d.Foster, W.National Parks as an Investment.
n.d.Robertson, LemuelCicero: Man and Statesman.
n.d.Wicker, E.With Allenby at Armageddon.
March 11Brock, R.W.Bible Lands.
Oct. 7Robertson, LemuelRecent Excavations in Crete.
Oct. 14Coleman, H.T.J.The Schoolmaster and Democracy.
Oct. 28Jamieson, Mrs. J.S.The Fabian Society.
n.d.Howay, F.W.Captain Cook at Nootka.
Nov. 4McDonald, W.L.Robert Louis Stevenson.
Nov. 18Gowen, Rev. H.H.War Poetry of the World.
Nov. 25Buchanan, D.Other Worlds Than Ours.
Dec. 2Ashton, H.Hotel Rambouillet.
Dec. 9Denison, F. NapierEarthquakes and Volcanoes.

Jan. 13Archibald, E.H.Liquid Gases.
Jan. 20Brock, R.W.Vancouver's Ancient History.
Jan. 27Scott, S.D.Joseph Howe.
Feb. 3Hebb, T.C.The Aether and Relativity.
Feb. 10Davidson, J.G.The Morality of Plants.
Feb. 17Todd, O.J.Herodotus.
Feb. 24Sedgewick, G.G.Poetry of Meredith.
March 3Schofield, S.J.The Origin of Mountains.
March 10Fraser, C. McLeanBiological Problems of the Pacific.
March 17Sedgewick, G.G.Poetry of Hardy.
March 24Musical Evening.Vancouver Women's Musical Club.
Oct. 6Fraser, C. McLeanZoology in Relation of Everyday Life.
Oct. 13Clark, A.F.B.In Memory of Dante -- 132l-1921 Dante's Life and Times.
Oct. 20Boving, P.A.Turnips and Immigration.
Oct. 27Clark, A.F.B.The Poetry of Dante.
Nov. 3MacBeth, Rev. R.G.Elements of Nation Building in the West.
Nov. 10Eastman, MackTwo Revolutions: Bolshevists and Jacobins.
Nov. 17Thompson, N.W.Smelting, Ancient and Modern.
Nov. 24O'Boyle, Rev. W.P.St. Augustine.
Dec. 1Foster, W.W.With the Alpine Club on Mount Robson.
Dec. 8Klinck, L.S.Gleanings from the Congress of the Universities of the Empire.

Jan. 12Buchanan, D.The Making of Worlds.
Jan. 19Gill, L.W.The Field of the Technical School.
Jan. 26Wood, F.G.C.The Plays of Lord Dunsany.
Feb. 2Wade, M.S.Some Pathfinders of the B.C. Hinterland
Feb. 9Denison, F. NapierEarthquakes and Slow Earth Movements.
Feb. 16MacKay, Mrs. Isabel E.Glimpses of Canadian Writers.
Feb. 23Clement, F.M.The Economic Basis of the Development of Agrarian Movements.
March 2Buell, W.F.Some Events of Canada's Great War, 1812-1815.
March 9Eastham, J.W.Fungi: Their Mode of Life and Importance to Man.
March 16Uglow, W.L.Life in the Peruvian Andes.
March 23Gowen, Rev. H.H.Literature and the Animal World.
Oct. 5Davidson, J.G.Science, Theology and Christianity.
Oct. 12Vance, PrincipalThe Influence of Machinery on the Worker.
Oct. 19Brock, R.W.The Situation in the Near East.
Oct. 26Walker, F.C.Artistic Lying.
Nov. 2Dunlop, W.R.The Periclean Age in Modern Athens.
Nov. 9Schofield, S.J.The Mining Industry of B.C.
Nov. 16Henderson, JamesSome Modern Philosophical Theories.
Nov. 23Wheeler, MajorThe Mount Everest Expedition of 1921.
Nov. 30Williams, M.Y.Birds of Prey.
Dec. 7Murphy, Mr. JusticeReminiscences of Pioneer life in B.C.

Jan. 11Logan, H.T.Nero.
Jan. 18Ashton, H.Cambridge.
Jan. 25Angus, H.F.Impressions of Economic Conditions in Central Europe.
Feb. 1Sharp, G.L. ThortonTown Planning.
Feb. 8Bollert, Miss M.L.Folklore.
Feb. 15Uglow, W.L.The Evolution of Gold Mining in Cariboo.
Feb. 22Burnett, W.B.Healing Cults.
March 1Goard, Rev. W. PascoeThe Crown of the Continent.
March 8Ireland, Rev. G.D.Social Relief, a Scientific and Human Problem.
March 15Mayers, E.C.The Destruction of Law by Legislation.
March 22Sage, W.N.David Thompson.
Oct. 4Clement, F.M.Niagara, the First Capital of Upper Canada.
Oct. 11Kidd, George E.Ancient Egypt.
Oct. 18Williams, M.Y.Some Geological Discoveries in the North.
Oct. 25Denison, F. NapierEarthquakes and how they are Recorded.
Nov. 1Dunlop, W.R.Africa and the Zimbabwe Ruins.
Nov. 8Rees-Thomas, Mrs.Shakespeare as a Musician.
Nov. 15Fraser, Miss A. ErmatingerThe Painters of Light in Holland.
Nov. 22Outram, Sir JamesFirst Ascents in the Rockies.
Nov. 29Coleman, H.T.J.Nature and Human Nature.
Dec. 6Todd, O.J.Old and New Around the Mediterranean.

Jan. 10Odlum, E.Travels through Egypt, Palestine, India and Japan.
Jan. 17Turnbull, J.M.Mining: Ancient and Modern.
Jan. 24Sedgewick, G.G.The New Wordsworth.
Jan. 31Sadler, WilfredHarwich to London -- Through Copenhagen and Strasbourg.
Feb. 7Plaskett, J.S.The Evolution of the Stars.
Feb. 14Clark, A.F.B.Florence.
Feb. 21Brock, R.W.China.
Feb. 28Klinck, L.S.University Administration.
March 6Ward, Rev. N.L.Mysticism in Comparative Religions.
March 13Bursill, J. FrancisThe London of Charles Dickens.
March 20Gowen, H.H.Educational Conditions in the Orient.
Oct. 9Dunlop, W.R.Aspects of Imperial Federation.
Oct. 16Angus, H.F.Trade and Unemployment in Great Britain.
Oct. 23Davies, K.C.J.The Cities of the Moguls.
Oct. 30MacBeth, Rev. R.G.The Romance of the Royal Mounted.
Nov. 6Reid, R.L.The Supreme Court of the League of Nations.
Nov. 13McKillop, A.L.The Truth About Einstein.
Nov. 20Duckering, W.E.Religion in Science, and Science in Religion, by a Layman.
Nov. 27Morrison, Mr. JusticeJudicial Tribulations.
Dec. 4Ross, Rev. J.J.The Land of the Caesars.
Dec. 11Boving, P.A.Breeding and the State.

Jan. 8Vickers, H.Radio Telegraphy and Telephony.
Jan. 15Sovereign, Rev. A.H.Mount Garibaldi.
Jan. 22MacInnes, IsabelPicturesque Bavaria.
Jan. 29Harper, W.E.Some Famous Observatories and their Work.
Feb. 5Ogden, Rev. J.W.Athens, the Glory that was Greece.
Feb. 12Christie, H.R.Forests and Water Supply.
Feb. 19Coulthard, Mrs. WalterBritish Music.
Feb. 26Clemens, W.A.Life in Inland Waters.
March 5Sedgewick, G.G.The New Wordsworth.
March 12Guernsey, F.W.The Production of Sulphur.
March 19Dickson, FrankPlant Diseases.
March 26Gowen, H.H.The History and Romance of Verse Forms.
April 3Weir, G.M.Public Opinion and Education.
Oct. 8Davidson, J.G.Nature Study and Religion.
Oct. 17Excursion of members of Institute and affiliated societies to the University, Point Grey, 3 p.m.
Oct. 22Hill-Tout, CharlesThe Antiquity of Man.
Oct. 29Weir, G.M.Social Aspects of Education in B.C.
Nov. 5Williams, M.Y.Impressions of the Far East.
Nov. 12Sage, W.N.The Making of a Governor (Sir James Douglas).
Nov. 19Foster, W.W.The Conquest of Mount Logan.
Nov. 26MacInnes, IsabelSome Aspects of Conditions in Germany.
Dec. 3Ward, Rev. H.L.The Soul of Japan.
Dec. 10Jamieson, Miss A.B.Education for Women.
Dec. 17Hood, Robert A.Puck on Pegasus.

Jan. 7Nelson, Miss Blanche B.Music as an Expression of Nationality.
Jan. 14Dunlop, W.R.The Scottish Reformation.
Jan. 21Ridington, JohnAmerica and the Arts.
Jan. 28Spencer, G.J.Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Feb. 4Webster, L. BullockThe Drama in Canada.
Feb. 11Hinton, JosephThe Influence of the Italian Renaissance on the Art of Singing.
Feb. 18Bursill, J. FrancisThe Evolution of the Shakespearean Drama.
Feb. 25Schofield, S.J.Ore Deposits of B.C.
March 4Ogden, Rev. J.W.Constantinople as I saw it, or Where East meets West.
March 11Robertson, LemuelA Day on the Sacred Mountain of Rome.
March 18Hill, H.W.The Alleged Public Health of the Old Testament.
March 25Gowen, H.H.The Pacific Ocean, in History and in Vision.
April 2Macdonald, M.A.Public Opinion.
April 9Annual Meeting
Oct. 8Dunlop, W.R.South Africa and the Empire.
Oct. 15Taylor, A. DunbarKipling and His Poetry.
Oct. 22Buchanan, D.Stellar Evolution.
Oct. 29Denison, F. NapierEarthquakes as Affecting this Continent.
Nov. 5Klinck, L.S.The University and the State.
Nov. 12Coleman, H.T.J.An Hour with a Pessimist.
Nov. 19Nelson, Miss Blanche B.Mediaeval Music.
Nov. 26Thompson, H.N.Iron -- Cold Iron.
Dec. 3Schofield, S.J.Geological Features of the Coast Range of B.C.
Dec. 10Vernon, F.W.Aeroplane Design and Future Possibilities.
Dec. 17Bursill, J. FrancisLondon in the Time of Dickens.

Jan. 7Dobson, Rev. HughRacial Problems in Canada.
Jan. 14Burris, Miss GraceImpressions of League of Empire Tour in Europe.
Jan. 21McElhanney, T.A.Forest Products Research and the Timber Industry.
Jan. 28Lister, J.G.Some Aspects of the Modern Idea of the Structure of the Atom.
Feb. 4Hill, H.W.Does Poor Health Cause Disease?
Feb. 11Galloway, J.D.Some Great Canadian Geologists.
Feb. 18Gomery, PercyThe Mechanics of Authorship.
Feb. 25Hennings, A.E.Weather Proverbs.
March 11O'Boyle, Rev. W.P.The Agrarian Movement.
March 18Coulter, Howard S.The New Germany.
March 25Mara, Miss Frances C.Girl Guides at Work and at Play.
April 1Buck, F.E.Efficiency in City Building.
April 8Annual Meeting.

Note:-- An extra lecture was given during the season on Canadian Administration in the Arctic by J.D. Craig, Surveyor General of Canada.

Oct. 7Coleman, H.T.J.Sixty Years After -- Or Then and Now in Canadian Life.
Oct. 14Fraser, C. McLeanA Glimpse of Japan.
Oct. 21McLaren, D.R.Flying in Canada.
Oct. 28Baker, S.H.Some Tendencies in the Contemporary Novel.
Nov. 4McKelvie, B.A.British Columbia's Part in Confederation.
Nov. 11Larsen, ThorliefTragedy.
Nov. 18Williams, M.Y.What has Geology Contributed to Western Civilization?
Nov. 25Howay, F.W.The Romance of the Maritime Fur Trade.
Dec. 2King, H.B.The Process of Educational Reorganization in B.C. and its Implications.
Dec. 9Munday, Mrs. DonMystery Mountain
Dec. 16Eastham, J.W.Epidemics in the Plant World.

Jan. 6McKay, J.G.Mental Hygiene.
Jan. 13Shrum, G.M.Cold Light.
Jan. 20Reid, R.L. ???
Jan. 27Angus, H.F.Political Freedom.
Feb. 3Morgan, J.W.Shakespeare -- His Infinite Variety.
Feb. 10James, Miss M.E.Dr. Ethyl Smith (A British Composer).
Feb. 17Brock, R.W. Japan
Feb. 24Gowen, H.H.Thirteen Centuries of Islam.
March 2Wyman, J. BensonThe Maoris.
March 9Scott, Charles H.Modern Movements in Art.
March 16Dolmage, VictorMineralogy and Petrology.
March 23Clark, R.H.The Wonders of Cellulose.
March 30Brown, Rev. J.G.Ethical Standards in Ancient Civilizations.
Oct. 5Petersky, S.An Outline of the Art of Psychoanalysis.
Oct. 12McGill, Helen G.Juvenile Courts and Their Functions.
Oct. 19Bellairs, Robert R.Canadian Plays.
Oct. 26Burnett, FrankSouth Sea Islanders and Their Customs.
Nov. 2Eastham, J.W.Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms.
Nov. 9Dickens' FellowshipAn Evening with Dickens.
Nov. 16Hill-Tout, CharlesThe Drift of the Continents.
Nov. 23Hodgson, E.K.The Real Abraham Lincoln.
Nov. 30Gillies, G.A.Modern Methods of Ore Treatment.
Dec. 7Coleman, H.T.J.The Philosophy of Leisure.
Dec. 14Greaves, G.A.Physiotherapy.

Jan. 18Lister, J.G.TBA
Jan. 25Campbell, J.C.Canada's Wild Life Sanctuary.
Feb. 1Dolmage, VictorTBA
Feb. 8Reames, InspectorCanadian Administration in the Arctic.
Feb. 15Cornfield, C.J.Music of India.
Feb. 22Hutchinson, A.H.Evolution Through Co-operation.
March 1Gibson, J.W.The Landscape Beautiful.
March 8Straight, R.Modern Educational Measurements.
March 15Duncan, GeorgeElizabethan Theatre.
March 22Davidson, J.G.Musical Vibrations.
April 5O'Boyle, W.P.The Role of Canada.
Oct. 7Petersky, S.The Newer Medicine -- Health Audits.
Oct. 14Klinck, L.S.Scandinavia Revisited.
Oct. 21Davidson, J.G.Color.
Oct. 28Clark, A.F.B.What Soviet Russia Really Looks Like.
Nov. 4Harris, J.A.The Chemist -- A Mystery Man.
Nov. 11Soward, F.H.British Labor and the League of Nations
Nov. 18Sadler, W.What a Cheese Can Do.
Nov. 25Fraser, C. McLeanAround the World in 80 Minutes.
Dec. 2Plaskett, J.S.The Rotation of the Galaxy.
Dec. 9Weston, W.P.Modern Developments in Architecture.
Dec. 16Members of the Dickens' Fellowship gave An Evening with Dickens.

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