Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1930-1939

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 6Hill, H.W.Why Eat?
Jan. 13Steeves, Mrs R.P.Holland's Golden Age and Its Art
Jan. 20Sanford, A.M.A Distinctive Note In Canadian Poetry
Jan. 27Logan, A.J.Christianity and the Early Roman Empire
Feb. 3Day, J. FriendThe Place of Business Subjects in Higher Education
Feb. 10Hill-Tout, CharlesPicture Writing of the Ancients and How Our Letters are Derived from Them
Feb. 17Gowen, H.H.The Evolution of Literature
Feb. 24 ???
March 3Henderson, JamesPhilosophy of "As If"
March 10Angus, H.F.Impressions of the Kyoto Conference on Pacific Relations
March 17 ???Irish Music
March 24Stevens, Mrs WinifredMrs Annie Charlotte Barton
March 31Morrison, A.Law Enforcement
Oct. 6Maccaud, Rev. F.W.Evolution and Involution of Religion
Oct. 13Buchanan, D.Illustrated Lecture in Astronomy
Oct. 20Burnett, W.B.Sterilization of the Feeble-minded and Criminals
Oct. 27Quainton, Rev. C.S.What the Jew has Given to Human Life
Nov. 3Davidson, J.G.Gleanings from My Trip to the International, and Horticultural Congresses
Nov. 10Stevens, A.M.Nationalism of Canadian Poetry
Nov. 17Gillies, G.A.Impressions of the trip to the Empire Mining Congress in South Africa
Nov. 24Fisher, Mr JusticeVocational Guidance
Dec. 1Ure, WilliamThe Nature of Matter
Dec. 8MacDermot, H.J.Can I Afford to be Sick?
Dec. 15Kurth, B.L.The Spirit of the Carol

Jan. 5Denison, F. NapierWeather Cycles and Abnormal World Weather
Jan. 12Kidd, George E.Racial Cranial Characteristics
Jan. 19Carrothers, W.A.The Menace of Business Depressions
Jan. 26Coleman, H.T.J.The New Humanism
Feb. 2 Members of the Dickens' Fellowship gave "An Evening with Dickens"
Feb. 9???
Feb. 16Shrum, G.M.The Electron: What is It?
Feb. 23Kelly, W.N.Whales and Modern Whaling
March 2Farris, Evlyn F.The Contribution of the Small College
March 9Pauw, John H.Architecture in its relation to Town Planning
March 16Eastham, J.W. A Biography of David Douglas
March 23Larsen, Thorlief The Significance of Poetry
Oct. 19Maccaud, Rev. F.W.The Prodigal Son in the Light of Philosophy
Oct. 26Fallis, Rev. G.O.Europe as We See It Today
Nov. 2Vrooman, Charles H.Prevention of Tuberculosis in B.C.
Nov. 9Klinck, L.S.The University and Adult Education
Nov. 16Marshall, M.J.Chemistry in Relation to Industry
Nov. 23 Brock, R.W.Finland and the Arctic Coast of Norway
Nov. 30Charlesworth, H.Education and International Relationships
Dec. 7Renison, Rev. R.J.The Future of Civilization
Dec. 14Smith, G.M.???
n.d. Finlay, Allan H.The World's Greatest Bridges (Source: M.Y. William's Institute History).

Jan. 4Dalgleish, AlexProspector's Valley Camp
Jan. 11Sage, W.N.Spanish Explorers of B.C.
Jan. 18Thomson, H.M.Keeping up with Metallurgy
Jan. 25Dunlop, W.R.Burns, in Song and Story
Feb. 1Hutchinson, A.H.The Greatness of the Small in Life
Feb. 8Pearce, J.A.The Structure of the Universe
Feb. 15 The Dickens Fellowship Another Evening with Dickens
Feb. 22 Letson, H.T.G. Modern Developments in Internal Combustion Engines
Feb. 29Howay, F.W.???
March 7 Members of the Shakespeare Society presented "Scenes from Shakespeare"
March 14 Members of the B.C. Music Teachers' Federation presented "An Evening of Ensemble Music"
March 22Hinchcliffe, J.???
March 29Gowen, H.H.Jerusalem, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.
Oct. 8Klinck, L.S.Some Functions of a University
Oct. 15Angus, H.F. The Kidd Report (text)
Oct. 22Soward, F.H.Hitlerism and the German Republic
Oct. 29Spencer, G.J. St Mark 1:6
Nov. 5Carrothers, W.A.Is Capitalism Doomed?
Nov. 12Weir, G.M.Vital Social Economies
Nov. 19Shrum, G.M.The Nature and Origin of Cosmic Rays
Nov. 26Brown, Roscoe M.Why Use Wood?
Dec. 3Boving, P.A.Scandinavian Art
Dec. 10Cullwick, E.C.Electricity the Servant of Man

Jan. 7McGregor, D.A.Sir Matthew Begbie
Jan. 14Wood, F.G.C.Sir Walter Scott -- After One Hundred Years
Jan. 21Haywood, A.K.The Healing Cults
Jan. 28Cromie, R.J.Publicity's Place in Civilization
Feb. 4 Alpine Club members Explorations in the Coast Range
Feb. 11Reid, R.L."Canadiana" from a Collector's Standpoint
Feb. 18Plaskett, J.S.The Expanding Universe
Feb. 25Clark, R.H.Chemistry in the Service of Man
March 4Members of the B.C. Music Teachers' Federation presented a concert to mark the Brahms Centenary
March 11Buchanan, D.Some Recent Developments in Astronomy
March 18Ridington, JohnArt, and Its Changing Standards
March 25Todd, O.J.Pagan Ethics
Oct. 14Angus, H.F.Responsibility for Peace or War on the Pacific
Oct. 21Carrothers, W.A.The N.R.A. -- An American Experiment
Oct. 28Odlum, Victor W.A Critical View of the League Of Nations
Nov. 4Sage, W.N.The British Commonwealth and Foreign Policy
Nov. 11Reid, R.L. [Chairman]Debate -- Resolved that Democracy Offers Greater Guarantees for Peace than Dictatorship
Nov. 18Soward, F.H.Hitler and the Nazi Revolution
Nov. 25Robertson, LemuelAncient Monetary Systems
Dec. 2Cleveland, E.A.Water Supply Problems
Dec. 9Williams, M.Y.Life through Geological Ages

Jan. 13Bengough, Percy R.Labour's View of the Present Economic Policy
Jan. 20Farris, J.W. de B.A Lawyer's View of Reform
Jan. 27Nicholas, B.C.Evolution of a Newspaper
Feb. 3Lett, SherwoodCecil Rhodes and His Scholarships
Feb. 10Galloway, J.D.Gold Mining in B.C.
Feb. 17Clement, F.M.Wheat Quotas
Feb. 24Clark, A.F.B.Nationalism and Internationalism in Literature
March 3 Members of the B.C. Music Teachers' Federation presented "An Evening of Music"
March 10Davidson, J.D.The Science of Musical Sounds
March 17MacCorkindale, H.N.Education in a Changing Social Order
March 24Howay, F.W.Facts and Fancies in Our Early Geography
March 31Cooke, A.C.Renaissance Art and the Rise of Capitalism
Oct. 13Brewing, Rev. WillardThe Future of Europe and the Russian Experiment
Oct. 20McGeer, G.G.A Criticism of the So-Called Sound Money System
Oct. 27Soward, F.H.The Outlook in International Affairs
Nov. 3Walker, J.F.The Development of a Gold Mine
Nov. 10Coleman, Norman F.The Conflict of Interests in the Far East, and How it Concerns America
Nov. 17Cass, Rabbi SamuelThe Jew in the Modern World.
Nov. 24Harris, J.A.Reality in the Chemical Age
Dec. 1Duff, D.C.B.Hunting a Microbe
Dec. 8Steeves, Dorothy G.The Challenge of Socialism
Dec. 15Logan, H.T.Stories of Greece and Rome by Modern Novelists

Jan. 12Weir, G.M.Some Social Problems
Jan. 19Dilworth, IraRomanticism in Contemporary Poetry
Jan. 26Nicholas, B.C.The Evolution of a Newspaper
Feb. 2Cassidy, H.M.Some Trends in Social Insurance
Feb. 9Pearce, J.A.Island Universes
Feb. 16Clarke, A.F.B.Purity and Propoganda in Art
Feb. 23Munday, Mr & Mrs DonMount Waddington
March 2Brown, HaroldEducation in Commerce
March 9Angus, H.F.American and Canadian Relations
March 16Boving, P.A.Swedish Literature
March 23Wood, C.B.The Future of Secondary Education
March 30Sedgewick, G.G.Dante's "Paradise"
Oct. 19Angus, H.F.The Search for Plenty
Oct. 26Foster, W.W.Alpine Adventures in B.C. and the Yukon
Nov. 2Weir, G.M.Some Social Trends
Nov. 9Soward, F.H.The Outlook in International Affairs
Nov. 16Klinck, L.S.A Plan for Adult Education in B.C.
Nov. 23Buchanan, D.An Expanding Universe
Nov. 30Clark, R.H.Modern Miracles
Dec. 7Lamb, W. KayeSome Pioneer B.C. Journals and Journalists
Dec. 14Robertson, Lemuel Horace: B.C. 65 -- A.D. 1935

Jan. 18McKenzie, VernonBehind the Headlines in Europe Today
Jan. 25Compton, Arthur H.The Quest of the Cosmic Ray
Feb. 1Dolman, C.E.Bacteriological Research in Relation to Health and Disease
Feb. 8Evans, D.O.Andre Gide
Feb. 15Maitland, R.L.Pacific Ships -- and Coastwise
Feb. 22Roys, Ralph L.Mayan Civilizations of Central America
Feb. 29Ridington, JohnEducation and the Library
March 7Finlay, Allan H.Some Modern Bridges
March 14MacDonald, W.L.The Proletarian Novel
March 21Warren, H.V.Minerals and the World Crisis
March 28Sage, W.N.Vancouver's Half-Century
Oct. 17Finlayson, J.N.Future Trends in Industry
Oct. 24Cass, Rabbi SamuelWhat I Saw in Palestine
Oct. 31Dilworth, IraThis Modern Stuff -- A Study of Contemporary Music
Nov. 7Soward, F.H.The Present International Outlook.
Nov. 14Shrum, G.M.Recent Experiments on the Transmutation of Matter
Nov. 21MacInnes, IsabelThe Spirit and Tradition of German Literature
Nov. 28MacLeod, H.J.Social Aspects of Science
Dec. 5Payne, R.R.The Fish Industry of B.C.
Dec. 12Sedgewick, G.G.Shakespearian Imagery

Jan. 16England, RobertThe Threat to Disinterested Education: A Challenge
Jan. 23Pop, G.L. The Opportunities of the Fur Business in B.C.
Jan. 30Newton, Eric How to Read a Picture
Feb. 6Connell, RobertLiberty: An Old Dilemma in a New Form
Feb. 13Odlum, Victor W., Lett, Sherwood, Shrum, G.M., Carrothers, W.A., Finlay, Allan H.Passchendaele -- A Phase of the Lloyd George-Haig Controversy
Feb. 20Payne, R.R.The Fishing Industry of British Columbia
Feb. 27Moe, G.G.Plant Breeding and its Relation to Canadian Welfare
March 6Farris, Evlyn F.A Century of Higher Education in Canada
March 13Carrothers, W.A.The Economic Position of B.C.
March 20Nichols, M.E.Factors in National Attainment
March 27Crease, A.L.The Normal Mind.
Oct. 16Sage, W.N.The Coronation and Its Significance to Canada
Oct. 23Pearce, J.A.Exploring Space
Oct. 30Haskins, W.E.The Marketing of Farm Products in B.C.
Nov. 6Burnett, W.B.The Mining Industry in B.C.
Nov. 13Soward, F.H.The Outlook in International Affairs
Nov. 20Spencer, George J.The Lives of Little Things
Nov. 27Pullen, Newton F.The Telephone and the Community
Dec. 4Ure, WilliamLaboratory and Factory
Dec. 11Mainwaring, W.C.Electricity -- the Modern Aladdin

Jan. 15Farris, J.W. de B.Canadian Unity
Jan. 22Drummond, G.F.The General Economic Effects of the Depression
Jan. 29Harris, G. HowellTank Gardens and Growth Promoting Substances
Feb. 5Nichols, M.E.Factors in National Attainment
Feb. 12Weir, G.M.Some Educational Problems
Feb. 19Wood, F.G.C. The English Novel During the Reign of George V
Feb. 26Smith, Frank H.From Ararat to Everest -- Mountaineering Ancient and Modern
March 5Pilcher, Jennie W.The Maoris
March 12Dafoe, John W.Canadians of Yesteryear
March 19Winn, E.S.H.Workmen's Compensation
March 26Recknagel, A.B.Recent Developments in the Management of Douglas Fir
N.B. The Vancouver Institute program of lectures for Fall 1938 is not included in the Program file of Box 4 in the archives. The lectures listed below were reconstructed from newspaper clippings held in the Special Collections Division. Some of the lecture topics given in the clippings may not be accurate and not all lectures may have been noted in the papers.
Oct. 8Ellis, C.D.Secrets of Radium Unfolded.
Oct. 15Sedgewick, G.G.In the Beginning Was the Word.
Oct. 22McNaughton, A.G.L.The Role of Research in Industry
Oct. 29Irving, J.A.The Philosophy of Communism
Nov. 5Williams, M.Y.Birds, Ancient and Modern
Nov. 12Soward, F.H.The Outlook in International Affairs
Nov. 19Smith, SidneyThe Safety of Life at Sea

N.B. The Vancouver Institute lecture programme for Spring 1939 is not included in Box 4 in the archives. The lectures listed below were reconstructed from The Ubyssey and from newspaper clippings in the Special Collections Division. The lecture topics may not be accurate and not all the Spring 1939 lectures may have been noted in the papers.
Jan. 14 King, H.B. Matriculating Needs Revision
Jan. 21 Drummond, Wren Education, What For?
Jan. 28McDonald, J. NelsonThe St Francis Xavier Experiment with Co-ops
Feb. 4McInnes, IsabelThe Medieval German Town
Feb. 11 Ouimet, Roger The French-Canadian View of Confederation
Feb. 18Crumb, J.A.Planning for the Economic Millenium
Feb. 25Tupper, R.H.Changing Views of Government
March 4 Letson, H.F.G. Canadian Defence and its Relation to the People
March 11 James, Florence The Theatre in Community Life
March 18Creighton, Mrs JohnThe Destructive Element -- A Note on Contemporary Literature
March 23 Crumb, Joseph Planning for the Economic Millenium
April 1 Ridington, John The Menace of Propaganda
Oct. 7MacMillan, ErnestHitler and Wagner
Oct. 14Norwood, F.W.The British Empire Confronts Destiny
Oct. 21Hutchinson, Bruce Canada as a Great Power
Oct. 28Allardyce, JohnBiochemical Diplomats
Nov. 4Morrow, Ellis H.A Publisher Looks at His Customer
Nov. 11Soward, F.H.These Twenty-five Years
Nov. 18Cameron, M.A.Our Schools and Our Society
Nov. 25Sage, W.N.The Significance of Heraldry
Dec. 2Scott, Charles H.Etchers and Etchings
Dec. 9Clark, A.F.B.The Tercentenary of Racine -- A Modern Looks at French Tragedy

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