Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1940-1949

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 13MacTavish, W.L.The War Outlook
Jan. 20Hilton, RonaldSpain and The World
Jan. 27Smith, SydneyThe Royal Navy
Feb. 3Dilworth, IraIn the Time of the Breaking of Nations
Feb. 10Korner, Leon I.Central Europe
Feb. 17Spencer, GeorgeNatural Hazards
Feb. 24Walker, John F.World Resources of Minerals and Their Relation to the War
March 2Munk, FrankCzechoslovakia and New Europe
March 9Speakers from Rural Leadership Training CourseRural British Columbia Speaks
March 16Knapp, F. Malcolm Some Aspects of Forestry in B.C. (text)
March 23Keen, J.F.Philately as a Hobby
March 30Irving, J.A.Culture and Personality
Oct. 12Noyes, AlfredThe Torchbearers
Oct. 19Angus, H.F.The Far Eastern Scene
Oct. 26Lamb, W. KayeBooks at the Crossroads
Nov. 2Eagles, BlytheThe Saga of the Vitamins
Nov. 9Soward, F.H.A Balance Sheet of the Second World War
Nov. 16Thomas, O.J.The Child at Home and at School
Nov. 23Dolman, C.E.The Health of the Nation
Nov. 30Hutchinson, Bruce???
Dec. 7Priestly, F.E.L.William Godwin
Dec. 14Ewing, J.M.Rationality

Jan. 18Philpott, ElmoreThe Proposal for Federal Union of the United States with the British Commonwealth
Jan. 25Creer, A.D., Ladner, Leon J., Winch, Harold E.; Crumb, J.A.How Should We Pay for the War?
Feb. 1Clemens, W.A.The Migrations of Fish
Feb. 8Gage, Walter H.Mathematics, the Queen of the Sciences
Feb. 15Smith, H.D.The Importance of Weather in Warfare
Feb. 22Thompson, Thomas J.An Oceanographer's Tool Kit
March 1Dewar, DouglasCertain Aspects of Foreign Exchange Control
March 8Students from Youth Training SchoolRural Youth Looks at Some B.C. Problems
March 15Clark, A.F.B.Does Modern French Literature Foreshadow the French Collapse?
March 22Warren, H.V.Minerals and National Wealth
March 29Vernon, F.W.Aeronautics in Wartime
Oct. 18Soward, F.H. The Clash of Arms and Diplomacy in 1941
Oct. 25Brown, HarrisonThe Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union
Nov. 1Irving, J.A.The U.S. and the Crisis in Democracy
Nov. 8???
Nov. 15Mawdsley, DorothySesame for Lilies: The Higher Education of Women
Nov. 22Robinson, M.C.Rehabilitation and Demobilization
Nov. 29MacKay, L.A.Canadian Poetry: An Analytical Survey
Dec. 6Cowan, Ian McTaggartThe Fittest Survive
Dec. 13Boving, P.A.Our Daily Bread

Jan. 10Kizer, B.H.The U.S. and the Pacific Crisis
Jan. 17Crumb, J.A.Wartime Economic Controls in Canada
Jan. 24Benjamin, ArthurMusic in Vancouver
Jan. 31Corbett, E.A. The Future of Universities
Feb. 7Le Bourdais, LouisThe Romance of the Cariboo
Feb. 14Dilworth, IraEmily Carr, Painter and Poet in Prose
Feb. 21Boving, P.A.Our Daily Bread
Feb. 28Clark, R.H.Plastics in Industry
March 7Ranta, L.E.New Tools for the Doctor
March 14Finlay, Allan H.The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
March 21Sage, W.N.The Development of Canadian Nationality
March 28Raley, G.H.Indian Folk Lore
Oct. 17Irving, J.H.Search for an Idea: Canadian Unity
Oct. 24Warren, H.V.Research and New Wealth for the Mineral Industry
Oct. 31Wilson, R.A.The Miraculous Birth of Language
Nov. 7An evening of documentary films from the Film Library of the Department of University Extension
Nov. 14Soward, F.H.In the Fourth Year
Nov. 21Norwood, F.W.Australia, as in My Blood
Nov. 28Biely, J.Food and Life

Jan. 16Drummond, G.F.Post-war Security
Jan. 23Rader, MelvinThe Conflict of Ideas In and After the War
Jan. 30Hooley, GilbertThe Chemistry of Glass
Feb. 6Lamarque, E.Northern British Columbia
Feb. 13Cooke, A.C.India: Fact and Fable
Feb. 20Petrie, WilliamIs the Universe Expanding?
Feb. 27Somerset, DorothyThe Theatre and Total War
March 6Spencer, G.J.Voices
March 13Mander, Linden A.The Pacific Islands in the War
Oct. 16MacDonald, A.B.The Antigonish Experiment
Oct. 23Orchard, C.D.Forest Management in B.C.
Oct. 30MacNeil, GrantMajor Problems of the Post-War Period in B.C.
Nov. 6LeFebvre, DorothyFeeding Ourselves in Wartime
Nov. 13Switzer, Rev. G.B.The Present Activity and the Future of the League of Nations
Nov. 20Brown, Mrs HilaryYouth is Our Future
Nov. 27MacKay, D.M.Indian Administration in B.C.
Dec. 4Harris, LawrenArt and Democracy

Jan. 15Remington, Rev. W.P.The Place of Liberal Arts Colleges in the Post War World
Jan. 22Topping, C.W.Juvenile Delinquency
Jan. 29Edwards, Harold H.P.Mushroom or Toadstool?
Feb. 5Watson, JohnThe Electron Microscope
Feb. 12Williams, M.Y.Our Northern Heritage
Feb. 19An evening of documentary films from the Department of University Extension
Feb. 26Lindenfeld, EldaVienna, Before and After
March 4Morsh, Joseph E.Experimental Hypnosis
March 11Smith, Frank H.The Culture of the Northwest Indians
March 18Forward, Frank A.The Modern Science of Metals
Oct. 14Andrew, Geoffrey C.Victory and Economic Stabilization
Oct. 21Mathews, BasilThe Post-war Problems of Southeast Asia
Oct. 28Topping C.W.; Hobden, J.D.; Gorrie, Kathleen; Ross, George; Stevens, Ernest; MacInnis, Grace; Thomas, O.J.The Young Delinquent
Nov. 4Dilworth, IraSome Recent Contributions to Canadian Poetry
Nov. 11 Gibbard, John E.; et al - Panel discussion The Future of the League of Nations
Nov. 18Davidson, GeorgeThe Emotional Factors in Medicine
Nov. 25Smith, Marjorie A.Social Work: A New Profession
Dec. 2North, Harold F.Industrial Relations in the Post-War Economy

Jan. 13MacKenzie, N.A.M.A New League of Nations: The Organization of a Society of Nations in the Post-War World
Jan. 20Guthrie, Edwin R.Psychological Warfare: The Psychology of Propaganda
Jan. 27Drummond, G.F.The Russian Economy
Feb. 3Liersch, J.E.The Place of Forestry in B.C.
Feb. 10Smith, Harold D.The Age of the Universe
Feb. 17Harris, G. HowellMalnutrition in Plants, Animals and Man
Feb. 24Kurth, B.L.Types of Approach to Music Appreciation
March 3Dolman, C.E.Health -- Its Worth and Price
March 10An Evening of Documentary Films from the Film Library of the Department of Extension
March 17Lord, A.R.Present Day Trends in Canadian Schools
March 24Clement, F.M.; Kerr, Clark; Showler, Birt; Pritchett, Harold; Sweeney, M. LeoThe Trend in Labour Policy
March 31Weston, William P.Canadian Painters
Oct. 13Chant, S.N.F.Citizen Responsibility in Post-War Years
Oct. 20Mann, KennethRadar
Oct. 27Volkoff, George M.Atomic Power
Nov. 3Ormsby, MargaretSome Problems of the Peace
Nov. 10Under the Auspices of the U.N. Society ???
Nov. 17 ??? The Fishing Industry of B.C.
Nov. 24Long, G. RoyOur Goodly Heritage
Dec. 1Cameron, M.A.Financing Education in B.C.
Dec. 8Neutra, Richard???

N.B. The Vancouver Institute lecture program for the Spring 1946 series is not in Box 4 of the archives. The following listings are derived from The Ubyssey.
Feb. 16 Baird, Murray M. Advances Made in Medicine During the War
March 2 Ladner, Leon J. Infaltion and Taxation
March 9 Mainwaring, W.C. The Industrial Development of British Columbia's Natural Resources
March 16 Sage, Walter N. Vancouver's Diamond Jubilee
Oct. 19Soward, F.H.The International Situation
Oct. 26Radcliffe, W.O.E.Co-operation Between Parents and Teachers
Nov. 2Wismer, Gordon S.The Borstal System.
Nov. 9Farris, J.W. de B.World Court, World Law and World Peace
Nov. 16Jamieson, Laura E.; Donald, Claude; Morrison, C.K.; Shrum, G.M.; Thomson, WatsonWorkers' Education
Nov. 23Pearce, J.A.Exploration of the Earth's Atmosphere
Nov. 30St Clair-Sobell, J.O.The Slavs
Dec. 7Binning, B.C.Prefabrication -- The Ultimate in Modern Architecture

Jan. 18McKenzie, Robert T.Revolution -- British Style
Jan. 25Melvin, GraceColor in the Home
Feb. 1Caple, Kenneth; Sprott, Anna E.; Philpott, Elmore; Templeton, R.J.Will Democracy Survive?
Feb. 8Gundry, C.H.Mental Hygiene
Feb. 15Mathews, BasilBooker T. Washington and the Clash of Races
Feb. 22Morrison, Edmund and Belinfante, F.J.Basic English and Esperanto
March 1Birney, EarleCanadian Poetry
March 8An Evening of Films from the Film Library of the Department of University Extension
March 15???
March 22 Odlum, Victor Current Affairs in China
Oct. 18MacKenzie, N.A.M.Britain Today
Oct. 25Stembridge, JasperAims of Modern Geography
Nov. 1McKenzie, C.J.Industrial and Scientific Research in Canada
Nov. 8Angus, H.F.The Trade and Employment Conference at Geneva
Nov. 15Soward, F.H.The Outlook on International Affairs
Nov. 22Williams, M.Y.British Columbia's Peace River
Nov. 29Hilker, Gordon; Somerset,Dorothy; Gould, J.; Allen, LeslieIs There a Future for the Legitimate Theatre?
Dec. 6Orr, OscarWar Crimes in the Japanese Theatre
Dec. 13An Evening of Films from the Film Library of the Department of University Extension

Jan. 17Sedgewick, G.G.Some Aspects of Shakespeare's Dramatic Art
Jan. 24Soward, F.H.The Outlook in International Affairs
Jan. 31Cowan, Ian McTaggartLives of the Hunted
Feb. 7Cameron, W. BleasdellRecalling Trails and Personalities
Feb. 14Marsh, Leonard C.Housing and Community Planning for Vancouver
Feb. 21Lett, SherwoodA Glimpse at Japan
Feb. 28Haig-Brown, R.Canadian Literature and the Primary Industries
March 6Lamb, W. KayeThree Builders of the West
March 13Hawthorn, H.B.Anthropology in B.C.
March 20Lyons, ChesterThe Provincial Parks of B.C.
Oct. 16Shrum, G.M.Picadilly 1948 -- Some Impressions
Oct. 23Dilworth, Ira Poetic Truth
Oct. 30Osborne, R.F.The Olympic Games
Nov. 6Carl, G. CliffordSome Famous Fishes
Nov. 13Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Nov. 20Crooker, Arthur M.Light and Color
Nov. 27 Andrew, Geoffrey C.; et. al. (Panel discussion)Labor and Management versus Consumer and Chairman Owner
Dec. 4Peterson, O.E.Personnel Selection and Training in Industry
Dec. 11Odell, N.E.The Problem of Mount Everest

Jan. 15Mathews, BasilAsiatic Independence: Its Present Ordeal
Jan. 22Lord, A.R. UNESCO
Jan. 29Stevens, H.H.Canadian Citizenship
Feb. 5An Evening of Films by the UBC Department of University Extension
Feb. 12Phillips, W.J.Nigeria
Feb. 19Volkoff, George M.Progress Report on Atomic Energy
Feb. 26Crumb, J.A.Canadian Lifelines, North, South, East or West
March 5Davidson, D.S.Explorers of 20,000 Years Ago
March 12Cummings, A.C.The Danger to Democracy of News
March 19Daniells, J. RoyEducation a Losing Battle
March 26Laird,Clemens; Carter, W.A.; Shrum, G.M.Report on Pan-Pacific Congress in Auckland, New Zealand
Oct. 15Weaver, MyronMedical Education
Oct. 22Wainman, A.W.Yugoslavia's Break with Russia
Oct. 29Thompson, Homer A.Herakles Among the Hesperides: A Study of Athenian Art of 5th Century, B.C.
Nov. 5Richards, A.E.Havana Charter for an International Trade Organization
Nov. 12Soward, F.H.International Outlook
Nov. 19Daniells, J. Roy; Harris, Lawren; Savery, BarnetHumanism and the Arts
Nov. 26Odell, M.E. Mount Vancouver and the St. Elias Range
Dec. 3Adaskin, HarryLearning to Recognize the True
Dec. 10Fleury, J.W.A.Career Planning

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