Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1950-59

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 14Birney, Earle; Money, William T.Readings from Poems I Have Liked
Jan. 21Caple, Kenneth; Diespecker, DickPublic and Private Radio
Jan. 28Robinson, J. LewisThe Arctic in the Canadian Economy
Feb. 4Gibson, WilliamThe Social Burden of Mental Disease
Feb. 11Eagles, BlytheModern Trends in Agricultural Education
Feb. 18Cameron, W.M.; Tully, J.P.The Ocean: A New Frontier?
Feb. 25Horsfield, R.G.Northern Patrol
March 4Dunlap, Leslie W.The Lincoln Papers
March 11Easton, J.A.Modern Developments in Jet Propulsion
March 18Borden, CharlesDiscovering Hidden Mysteries
March 25Chant, S.N.F.Is a General Education Possible Today?
Oct. 14MacPhee, E.D.A Canadian Businessman Looks at England
Oct. 21Hallamore, Joyce Germany Revisited 1950
Oct. 28Dymond, J.R.Social Life in the Animal World
Nov. 4MacKay, D.C.G.A Canadian Looks at Hawaii
Nov. 11Rose, William J.Fifty Years of Europe
Nov. 18Taylor, T.M.C.B.C. and a National Botanical Garden
Nov. 25Dixon, W.G.The Status of Correction Services in B.C.
Dec. 2Jamieson, StuartThe Economic Life of the Doukhobor Community
Dec. 9Watters, R.E.The Philosophy of Ernest Hemingway

Jan. 6Andrew, Geoffrey C.; Campney, Ralph; Green, Howard; MacInnes, AngusCanada's External Affairs
Jan. 13Soward, F.H.World Report
Jan. 20Mackay, J. RossFormosa
Jan. 27Copp, HaroldAtomic Aids in Medicine
Feb. 3Megill, W.J.The North Atlantic Treaty and its Impact on Canadian Defence Problems
Feb. 10Warren, J.B.Nuclear Physics, Fission, Philosophy and Fun
Feb. 17Oberlander, H.P.; Binning, B.C.; Lasserre, Frederic; Andrew, Geoffrey; Martin, Hugh; Wisnicki, Kay C.Tomorrow's Homes, Today: Accommodation
Feb. 24Ronimois, H.Has Soviet Planning Made the USSR Ready for Global War?
March 3Stewart, AndrewThe University and the Professions
March 10Oberlander, H.P.; Binning, B.C.; Lasserre, Frederic; Allen, Rita G.; McKee, R. Ross; Cross, EileenTomorrow's Homes, Today: Design
March 17MacKenzie, N.A.M.The Arts, Letters and Sciences in Canada
Oct. 13Jenness, DiamondAncient Temples of the Mexican Indians
Oct. 20Black, WilliamThe Program of the New Federal Citizenship Branch in B.C.
Oct. 27Fairey, F.T.Burma Today
Nov. 3Warren, H.V.Power, Population and Politics
Nov. 10Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Nov. 17Binning, B.C.Report on Art and Architecture in America and Europe
Nov. 24Turner, David B.Conflicts in the Development of Resources in British Columbia
Dec. 1deGroot, A.W.Romance Features of Roman Literature
Dec. 8Gilmour, ClydeIs Hollywood Growing Up?

Jan. 12Radley, P.E.B.C. Aluminum Project
Jan. 19Boyd, WilliamThe Life Blood
Jan. 26Davies, GeoffreyAneurin Bevan's Struggle for Political Power in Britain
Feb. 2Halpern, Ida; Suttles, WayneArt and Life of the B.C. Indians
Feb. 9Krajina, VladimirPlant Ecology as a Basis for Conservation and Reforestation
Feb. 16Pauling, Linus Chemistry and its Relation to Medicine
Feb. 23Mann, KennethPhysics: Fact or Fantasy?
March 1Spencer, G.J.Miracles in Insect Control
March 15Somerset, DorothyTheatre and Religion in the 20th Century
March 22McCreary, J.F.Canadian Children are Lucky!
Oct. 11Elliot, BrianAustralia and the Arts
Oct. 18Swan, L.G.The Fraser's Hell's Gate
Oct. 25Ireland, WillardB.C. in Retrospect and Record
Nov. 1Mulligan, BrianThe Work of Washington's Arboretum
Nov. 8Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Nov. 15 Philpot, Oliver Three Men in a Horse
Nov. 22Marsh, G.The Aleutian Islanders and their Homeland
Nov. 29Wright, RobertScience is Your Business
Dec. 6Lowes, BarryRecreation for Everyone

Jan. 10Angus, H.F.The Outlook for Trade with Britain
Jan. 17Neutra, RichardArchitects and the Community
Jan. 24Curtis, G.F.Canada: Looking Ahead
Jan. 31Robbins, WilliamMatthew Arnold -- A Modern Victorian
Feb. 7Lord, A.R.; Foulks, J.G.The Narcotics Situation in Vancouver
Feb. 14Odlum, Victor W.Turkey, China and the International Situation
Feb. 21Borden, CharlesAluminum and Archaeology -- Salvaging Prehistoric Remains in Tweedsmuir Park
Feb. 28Pearce, J.A.The High-Temperature Stars
March 7David, C.W.India from Within After Five Years of Self-Government
March 14Tucker, G.N.French Canada in Pictures
March 21MacKenzie, N.A.M.The Massey Report -- A Year Later
Oct. 17Larsen, ThorliefHow Do We Get the Shakespearean Text?
Oct. 24Davies, Geoffrey Western Europe -- 1953
Oct. 31Cameron, W.Research in the Arctic Ocean
Nov. 7Melrose, GeorgeB.C.'s North Coast Development
Nov. 14Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Nov. 21Humphries, D.Northwest Oil Line Development
Nov. 28Archer, The Role and History of the RCMP
Dec. 5Anderson, W.The Future of Agriculture in B.C.

Jan. 9Woodhouse, A.S.P.Milton, The Poet Paradise Lost and After
Jan. 16Andrew, Geoffrey C.Some Developments in U.S. Higher Education
Jan. 23Costigan, G.Israel -- The Newest Democracy
Jan. 30Edman, IrwinMan's Right to Knowledge
Feb. 6Shrum, G.M.; Clemens, W.A.; Hawthorn, H.B.; Tully, J.P.1953 Pacific Science Congress
Feb. 13Chant, S.N.F.; Savery, Barnet; Signori, Edro; Dixon, W.G.Social Science Approach to Knowledge
Feb. 20MacDonald, John B.Impressions of Mexico
Feb. 27Chisholm, BrockBostock Memorial Lecture
March 6MacDonald, PeterTelevision in British Columbia
March 13MacGregor, D.A.Fifty Years of Vancouver Newspapers
March 20MacKenzie, N.A.M. Education in Canada in 2003
Oct. 16MacGregor, M.F.Documents of the Athenian Empire
Oct. 23Angus, H.F. Western Europe 1954
Oct. 30McInnis, EdgarReport on Tokyo Conference -- Institute of Pacific Relations
Nov. 6Friedman, S.M.Anatomy in Art
Nov. 13Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Nov. 20Sommers, R.E.Forestry in British Columbia
Nov. 27Richmond, R.G.E.Prison Reform
Dec. 4Friesen, J.K.Adult Education in the European Crisis
Dec. 11Birney, EarleA Reading of the Author's Own Works

Jan. 8Woodhouse, H.F.The Interpretation of History -- Some Viewpoints, Including a Christian
Jan. 15Lindsey, C.C.Trout Research in B.C.
Jan. 22Acland, J.H.The Urban Environment -- A Contrast Between Two Worlds
Jan. 29J. Ross MackayGlimpses of the Western Arctic.
Feb. 5Irwin, EstherPanel discussion on Mental Health and the Public School
Feb. 12Williston, Frank G.American Foreign Policy in the Far East
Feb. 19Shrum, G.M.The Social and Military Implications of Atomic Energy
Feb. 26Clark, Robert M.New Horizons for Local Government
March 5UBC Open House
March 12Mainwaring, W.C.What Natural Gas Means to You
March 19Neatby, K.W.Biological Research Applied to Agriculture and Industry
March 26Selye, HansDiseases of Civilization
Oct. 15MacKenzie, N.A.M.The Australian Scene
Oct. 22Copp, HaroldAtoms for Peace -- A Report on the Geneva Conference
Oct. 29Rose, William J.Adam Mickiewicz, Centenary; Poet, Prophet and Professor
Nov. 5Kidd, J. RobyAdult Education for What?
Nov. 12Wood, A.J.The Efficiency of Meat Production
Nov. 19Ireland, WillardFrom These Foundations
Nov. 26Ranta, L.E.The Road Ahead in Medical Care
Dec. 3Watters, R.E.Modern Canadian Fiction

Jan. 14MacKenzie, N.A.M.; Angus, H.F.; Fisher, J.V.; Gunderson, E.M.B.C.'s Position in Federal-Provincial Finanical Relationships
Jan. 21Open date -- Shaw Festival
Jan. 28Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Feb. 4Keith, R.A.The Significance of Global Air Transportation
Feb. 11Robbins, WilliamMatthew Arnold, Morals, and Humanism
Feb. 18Andrew, Geoffrey C.Has Canada Developed Its Own Tradition in Higher Education?
Feb. 25Simonpietri, A.C.???
March 3Home, GeorgeThe Significance for Canada of the Merger of the T.L.C. and the C.C.L.
March 10Suttles, WayneOkinawa -- An American Experiment in East
March 17Stevens, H.H.The Pioneers of Canada
March 24Chant, S.N.F.Comparing Western and Japanese Ways
March 31Borden, CharlesThe Marpole Midden 56 B.C. to 1956 A.D.: Results of Recent Archaeological Excavations
Oct. 13Patterson, J.W.Trends in Medical Education
Oct. 20Larkin, PeterFisheries Problems in River Development
Oct. 27Linstead, HughThe Medicine Chest and Public Health - The Outlook on the Social and Economic Aspects of the Supplying of Medicines in a Modern Health Service
Nov. 3von Kuehnelt Leddihn, Eric RitterNeo-Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism in Europe
Nov. 10Lasserre, FredericArchitectural Ideas from Europe
Nov. 17Tougas, GerardChanging Patterns in French Canada
Nov. 24Scarfe, Neville V.Education in Theory and Practice

Jan. 12Lamb, W. KayeHewitt Bostock Memorial Lecture
Jan. 19Norris, JohnWoodrow Wilson: A Centenary Portrait
Jan. 26Dore, Ronald P.Political and Social Trends in Post-War Japan
Feb. 2Jopson, N.B.The Languages of Europe: Their Divisions and Characteristics
Feb. 9Scarfe, Neville V.Education in Theory and Practice
Feb. 16Emery, AnthonyBritish Contemporary Painting
Feb. 23Ladner, LeonColumbia River Power and Our International Relations
March 3Grierson, John Communication by Film and TV
March 10Soward, F.H.The International Outlook
Sept. 21Field, OliverQuacks and Quackery
Oct. 26Stewart, JamesInflation and Its Influence on the Canadian Economy
Nov. 2Christie, HughCrime and Punishment
Nov. 9Logan, H.T.The Foundations of the University of B.C.
Nov. 16Manvell, R.Britain Seen Through the Movies
Nov. 23Thomson, J.S.The Possibility of a Universal Religion
Nov. 30Levesque, G.H.Changing Patterns in French Canada
Dec. 7Willis, JohnWhy Lawyers?

Jan. 18Menuhin, YehudiIndia and Its People as Seen Through Their Arts
Jan. 25Willis, JohnWhy Lawyers?
Feb. 1Hull, T.Computers and Automation
Feb. 8 Bene, John Our Forests -- Asset or Liability? (text)
Feb. 15Heller, J.R.Cancer Research in the United States
Feb. 22Soward, F.H.International Review
March 1MacKenzie, N.A.M.; Hughes, T.; Jessiman, RThe Development Plan for U.B.C.
March 8Beverton, R.J.H.The Fisheries of the North Sea
Oct. 18Read, MargaretGrowing Up in an African Aristocracy
Oct. 25Tsuru, ShigetoTrade, Aid and Economic Development in the Far East
Nov. 1Dixon, W.G.; Herbison, Hugh; Wright, Charles; Andrew, Geoffrey C. Panel on the Doukhobor Question (a)
Nov. 8Wilson, EthelAn Approach to Some Novels
Nov. 15Soward, F.H.International Review
Nov. 22Bryner, Cyril; Wainman, A.W.; St Clair-Sobell, J.O.Russia Today
Dec. 6Goldschmidt, N.The Arts in the World Today
Dec. 13Ireland, WillardThe B.C. Centennial in Retrospect

N.B. The program for the 1959 Spring series of Vancouver Institute lectures is not in Folder 6 of Box 4 of the Archives. The following listing is derived from The Ubyssey.
March 21 Hlavaty, Vaclav The Structure of Our Space, or From Euclid to Einstein
Oct. 10Robb, DouglasMedical Care in New Zealand Today
Oct. 17Fay, C.F.From Empire to Commonwealth
Oct. 24Alsbury, ThomasProblems Facing Municipal Government
Oct. 31Robbins, John E.Canada Between Covers
Nov. 14Belshaw, CyrilPolitics and Economy in the Islands of Fiji
Nov. 21Thomas, AlanAudience, Market and Public: An Examination of Canadian Broadcasting
Nov. 28Rose, William J. Education in Britain
Dec. 5Verner, CoolieMr Jefferson's Notes

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