Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1960-69

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 23Stewart, AndrewThe Preservation of a National System of Broadcasting
Jan. 30 Soward, F.H.The International Outlook: The Year in Review
Feb. 6Thompson, W.B.Taming the H Bomb
Feb. 13Philpott, ElmoreMy Visit to India After China
Feb. 20Wyller, T.C.The Resistance Movement in Norway during Second World War
Feb. 27Heilman, R.B.Tragic Structure in Shakespeare
March 5Cowan, Ian McTaggartImpressions of Science in the U.S.S.R.
March 12Andrew, Geoffrey C.; McDowell, C.A.; Scarfe, Neville V.; Verner, Coolie British and North American Universities: Class Education or Mass Education? (a)
March 19Oberlander, H.P.From Gold Coast to Ghana: A Report on Transition in West Africa
March 26Newman, MurrayMarine Life of the North Pacific Coast
April 2Wolfenden, JohnThe Responsibility of Freedom
Oct. 15Thomson, David L.Science and Poetry
Oct. 22Pickersgill, JackThe Future of Immigration to Canada
Oct. 29Snow, Charles P.???
Nov. 5Andrew, Geoffrey C.Socialized Education in New Zealand (a)
Nov. 12Frye, NorthropHave We Become Illiterate?
Nov. 19Myers, David M. The Next 50 Years in Engineering (a)
Nov. 26Bissell, ClaudeThe Future of Higher Education in Canada (a)
Dec. 3Dunton, A. Davidson Who Should Go to University? (a)
Dec. 10Cowan, Ian McTaggart Of Mice and Men -- The Biology of Numbers [?]

Jan. 7Soward, F.H.The International Outlook.
Jan. 14Ross, Murray G.Are Universities Getting too Big?
Jan. 21 Keenleyside, Hugh L. Black and White and the Commonwealth (a)
Jan. 28Davies, GeoffreyShould the Commonwealth Survive?
Feb. 4McCreary, J.F.Medical Care -- Which Way Are We Going?
Feb. 11Davidson, GeorgeThe True Cost of Welfare
Feb. 18Green, Howard Canada's Foreign Policy (a)
Feb. 25McDowell, C.A.Chemistry and Your Future (a)
March 4Fulton, E. DavieCanada's Addiction Problem
March 11 Minifie, James M. Canada -- Peacemaker or Powdermonkey? (a)
March 18Cowan, Ian McTaggertOf Mice and Men: Or the Biology of Numbers (a)
March 25Young, JohnCanada's Trade and Your Prosperity (a)
Oct. 14 Foulks, James A Canadian Family in Russia -- Impressions of Soviet Life
Oct. 21 Mayer, Albert The Art of Re-Shaping Human Communities
Oct. 28 Cameron, A.G.W. Science In Space
Nov. 4 MacLennan, Hugh The New Spirit of Contemporary Quebec
Nov. 18 Wilson, J. Tuzo The New World of the International Geophysical Year
Nov. 25 Perry, G. Neil Federal-Provincial Tax Relations -- Ottawa, Victoria, and the Division of Our Taxes
Dec. 2 Douglas, Tommy Private Freedom and Social Responsibility
Dec. 9 Holland, William L. Modernization and Tradition -- The Clash in Asia

Jan. 6Scott, A.D.River Basins -- National Pawns or International Wealth?
Jan. 13Soward, F.H.1961 -- A Review of International Affairs
Jan. 20MacDonald, A.;Davis, John; Gourley, Margaret; Young, JohnUnemployment -- Temporary Stimulus or Chronic Evil?
Jan. 27Emery, AnthonySurrealism -- Buried Joke or Historical Issue?
Feb. 3Henderson, JuliaAre We Our Brother's Keeper? The United Nations Program of Social Development
Feb. 10Gordon, WalterCanadian Trade Policy -- A New Approach
Feb. 17Goldschmidt, N.A Musician's Visit to Communist China
Feb. 24Volkoff, George M.Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation (Songs of an Atomic Nucleus).
March 3Tyler, Ralph W.Schools in an International World
March 10Weinberg, Alvin M.Scientific Organization -- Its Impact on Contemporary Society
March 17Holland, W.L.Modernization and Tradition -- The Clash in Asia
Oct. 13Stursberg, PeterThe Challenge of the Cold War
Oct. 20Foulkes, CharlesShould Canada Acquire Nuclear Weapons?
Oct. 27Sumner, MarshallA Musician in Moscow.
Nov. 3Margetts, Edward L.Medicine and Magic in Africa
Nov. 10Kennedy, Warnett; Marriage, Adrian; Watson, HarryResponsibility for Medical Care
Nov. 17Feiman, Victor; Nicholls, William; Reid, A.M.Ethics in a Business Society
Nov. 24Heaton, HerbertDates, Dior and Doyle
Dec. 1Haskins, CarylSome Thoughts on our Continuing Revolution: A Discussion of the Impact of Changes in Technology on Our Society
Dec. 8LaPonce, JeanTrends in Society and Politics in France

Jan. 12Soward, F.H.1962 -- A Review of International Affairs
Jan. 19Woodcock, GeorgeThe Mountains and the Plain: People and Places in Northern India
Jan. 26Macdonald, John B.Higher Education: The Way Forward
Feb. 2 UBC Festival of the Arts speaker ???
Feb. 9Misch, PeterA Geologist and Climber's Exploration of the Northern Cascade Mountains
Feb. 16Elder, HenryHumour in Architecture
March 2Wright, T.G.Trends in Forestry and Wood Utilization in B.C.
March 16Pelletier, GerardWhat Does French Canada Want?
Oct. 19Shrum, G.M.Simon Fraser University
Oct. 26Keyston, J.E.Peace and Public Responsibility
Nov. 2Beckett, ArnoldThe Route from Witch Doctor to Modern Drug
Nov. 9Lamontagne, MauriceCanada's Great Challenge
Nov. 16Borden, CharlesThe Prehistory of B.C. -- A Synthesis and Hypothesis
Nov. 23Massie, HarrieWhat is Britain Doing in Space Research?
Nov. 30Pickstone, H.W. Vancouver -- History and Destiny (text)
Dec. 7MacLeod, A.J.Can Canada Correct its Criminals?
Dec. 14Bartlett, NeilThe Scientific Method at Work.

Jan. 11Birney, EarleOur Farthest Neighbours
Jan. 18Soward, F.H.1963 -- A Review of International Affairs
Jan. 25Wilson, J.O.; Berger, T.; Beck, S.M.Civil Liberties in Canada Today
Feb. 1Loffmark, RalphSharing the Tax Burden
Feb. 8 White, Paul Dudley ???
Feb. 15McManaway, James G.Shakespeare: A Modern Man
Feb. 22Andrew, Geoffrey C.Provincial and Federal Responsibilities for Higher Education
Feb. 29Simmins, Richard B.Fad, Fashion and Official Art
March 7Holliday, Jay N.Junior and Community Colleges -- Fact and Fiction
Oct. 17Laing, ArthurNational Resource Management, Canada's Big Problem Today and in the Years Ahead
Oct. 24Belshaw, CyrilCyprus -- The Destruction of a Plural Society
Oct. 31Nicholson, John R.Parlez-Vous Canadian?
Nov. 7Bateman, HowieEntertainment in Vancouver
Nov. 14MacMillan, ErnestThe Bard and Music
Nov. 21Kusch, PolycarpThe Limitations of Science
Nov. 28Fitzgerald, C.P.The Chinese and their Place in the World
Dec. 5Orcutt, DavidPuppets and Projections, Peyote, Non-Verbal Communication and Religion
Dec. 12Mitchell, HowardWho Will Finance Canada's Growth?

Jan. 9Tougas, GerardA Visit with Leopold Senghor, President of the Republic of Senegal
Jan. 16McConachie, GrantThe Significance of the Air Age to Canada
Jan. 23McCreary, J.F.The Royal Commission Report and Health Care
Jan. 30Link, ArthurChinese Buddhism and Self-Immolation
Feb. 6Taylor, Malcolm G.Freedom for Creativity
Feb. 13Wright, CharlesAntarctica -- Then and Now.
Feb. 20Martin, PaulCurrent Developments in Canadian Foreign Policy
Feb. 27Petrie, R.M.The Realm of the Galaxies
March 13Mackay, J. RossThe MacKenzie Delta Area -- The Land and its People
Oct. l6Milne, R.S.The Future of Malaysia
Oct. 23Simard, JacquesPlanning Downtown for People
Oct. 30Wangensteen, Owen H.The Academic Surgical Arena
Nov. 6Efford, IanEaster Island
Nov. 13Cunningham, A.B.Modern Turkey
Nov. 20Ireland, WillardB.C. Before Confederation

Jan. 8Phillips, R.A.The Elimination of Poverty in Canada
Jan. 15Smith, BobSome Aspects of the Changing Styles in North American Music from 1900 to the Present Day
Jan. 22Haerring, R.R.Lasers, What are They?
Jan. 29Gardner, J.A.F.Research for the Forest Industry
Feb. 5Galt, JohnQuasers
Feb. 12Bell, MaxBusiness in the Community
Feb. 19Adaskin, HarryMy View from the Bridge
Feb. 26MacKinnon, A.R.Motives for Learning
Oct. 15Webb, EricA Canadian Doctor's Nigeria
Oct. 22McCreary, J.F.The Impact of Prepayment on Medical Education and Medical Care
Oct. 29Carney, PatThe British Economy
Nov. 5Gibson, WilliamPresident Wesbrook -- His University and his City
Nov. 12Head, Ivan L.Southeast Asia -- Paradise in Peril
Nov. 19Vrethem, AkePrivate Enterprise in a Welfare State
Nov. 26Marquis, Welton G.New Directions in Music

Jan. 7Ovenden, MichaelOther Worlds in Space
Jan. 14Cowan, Ian McTaggartMan and His Environment
Jan. 21Armstrong, Charles J.The Academic Question
Jan. 28Durrant, GeoffreyThe Tradition of Poetry and the Contemporary World
Feb. 4Clark, Robert M.; Fields, Donald; Thorsteinsson P.N.The Significance of the Report of the Royal Commission on Taxation in Canada: Viewpoints of an Economist, an Accountant and a Lawyer
Feb. 11Woods, H.D.Federalism and Industrial Relations: The Canadian Problem
Feb. 18Binning, B.C.Kojo Sakamoto -- Bishop, Calligrapher, Collector
Feb. 25White, PhilipResponsibility and Liability in Urban Development
March 4Ivey, DonaldA Soupcon of Science
March 11Beckel, William The Fallacy of the Hopkins Effect: One Teacher - One Log - One Student
March 18Isbister, ClaudeEnergy, Mines and Resources: New Relationships in Government Between Scientists and Policy Planners
April 1 Rossiter, R.J.Medicine and Science in the People's Republic of China
April 8Sibley, WilliamA Modern University and Its Problems
April 15Armstrong, H.S.University Government and the Duff-Berdahl Report
Oct. 14Emmott, AllanMetro -- The Future of Greater Vancouver
Oct. 21Clark, Robert M.; Fields, Donald; Thorsteinsson, P.N.The Report of the Royal Commission on Taxation in Canada: Evaluation by an Accountant, an Economist and a Lawyer
Oct. 28Gardner, J.A.F.Research and the Forest Industry
Nov. 4Futrell, Michael H.50th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Nov. 18Carney, PatEconomic Enigmas
Nov. 25Benson, Edgar J.The Handling of Government Money
Dec. 2Emery, AnthonyArt and Anguish
Dec. 9Soward, F.H.; Sherman, Paddy; Keenleyside, H.L.; Young, JohnCanada's Prospects in Her Second Century

Jan. 6Vogt, ErichTRIUMF: Millions for Atoms in B.C.
Jan. 13Beirne, B.P.Pests and the World Food Problem
Jan. 20Divinsky, NathanMathematical Meditations
Jan. 27Daniells, J. RoyNew Lights from Old Lamps: A Defence of Literary Tradition
Feb. 3Currie, LauchlinRoosevelt and the New Deal in Retrospect
Feb. 10Harrison, BrianHong Kong and China
Feb. 17Pulleyblank, E.G.The Chinese Fact
Feb. 24Zacher, MarkThe Political Role of the Secretary-General of the United Nations
March 2Riedel, BernardThe Psychedelic Drugs
March 9Quastel, JudaThe Development of Science in Hebrew University -- Jerusalem
March 16Tyhurst, JamesPsychiatry Today
March 23Laing, ArthurThe Indians in Canada
March 30Hare, F. KennethUniversities Unlimited
Oct. 12Levin, Martin De Gaulle: Demagogue or Demi-God?
Oct. 19Suzuki, DavidGenetics and the Future Evolution of Man
Nov. 2Yew, Lee KuanSoutheast Asia Today
Nov. 9Davis, CharlesThe Social Reality of Religion
Nov. 16Chretien, JeanThe New North
Nov. 23Shaw, MichaelAgricultural Science and the Social Crisis
Nov. 30Hall, Noel; Lawson, Ed; Lanskail, Don; Mahoney, Richard Collective Bargaining and Bill 33
Dec. 7Cowan, Ian McTaggart; Oberlander, H.P.; Larkin, Peter; Holling, C.S.Man -- His Environment and Doomsday

Jan. 18Howes, John F.The Japanese Miracle
Jan. 25Keate, StuartThe Newspaper and the Community
Feb. 1Lee, MelvinHome Economics: Revolution and Evolution
Feb. 8Coghill, JoyThe Shoemaker's Cudgel or The Canadian Theatre
Feb. 15Macdonald, John B.University Research and Canadian Goals
Feb. 22Marchand, LenThe Canadian Indian
March 1Strong, MauriceCanada's Assistance to Developing Nations
March 8Hare, F. KennethIs Dialogue Outmoded?
Oct. 11Sherman, PaddyThe Press and the Public
Oct. 18Roxburgh, David W.; Linde, Carey; Shaw, SusanCivil Disobedience: Protest and Progress
Oct. 25Wong, BennettChange
Nov. 1Fraser, AlistairIs Canada's Parliament Obsolete?
Nov. 8Bartlett, David W.UNESCO and Social Change
Nov. 15White, Philip; Perry, Tom; Young, WalterThe Canadian University Identity or the Foreign Professor in Canada
Nov. 22Sargent, Dwight E.Journals' Mounting Challenge
Nov. 29Chitty, DennisEcological Insults: The Threat to Our Survival
Dec. 6Keenleyside, H.L.Higher Education in B.C.: Some Comments and Proposals

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