Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1970-1979

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 17 Mackay, J. RossThe Arctic Tundra: Environmental Problems of Resource Development
Jan. 24Scarfe, N.V.On Safari in Education
Jan. 31Rowan, RobertThe Retreat from Politics
Feb. 7Conway, JeffWho Controls the Capital Market in Canada?
Feb. 14Davidson, GeorgeDoes Canada Love the C.B.C.?
Feb. 21McGregor, M.F.History on Stone
Feb. 28Powrie, W.D.Food and Famine
March 7Runeckles, VictorSmoking -- Yes or No: An Objective View
Oct. 10Turnbull, Albert L.Are There Too Many People? A Discussion of World Population
Oct. 17Hardwick, Walter G.The Post-Industrial Era and Vancouver
Nov. 7Pendakur, SettyCommunity Planning and Technological Change: Goals and Conflicts for Vancouver
Nov. 14Warren, H.V.Geology and Health
Nov. 21Stewart, Robert W.The Global Atmospheric Research Program: A Serious Attempt at International Cooperation in Science
Nov. 28Ostry, SylviaSome New Directions
Dec. 5Basford, RonaldThe Consumer Today and Tomorrow

Jan. 16Southin, MaryThe Common Law in the Age of the Common Man
Jan. 23Rogatnick, AbrahamPragmatic Venice and Utopian Theory
Jan. 30Young, JohnPrices and Incomes in Canada
Feb. 6Davey, Keith The Mass Media 1970-1984
Feb. 13Chant, DonaldEcology and Technology
Feb. 20Mooradian, AraCanada's Nuclear Power Program
Feb. 27Nicholls, WilliamThe Self in a Collapsing World
March 6Turner, John Law and Order: What Does It Mean? (v)
March 13Curzon, FrankThe Scientist and Society
March 20Lewis, FrankJails and Corrections: Is or Ought?
Oct. 23David, CharlotteYou've Kept Me Alive Let Me Live!
Nov. 6Rodger, David A.History and Development of the Planetarium
Nov. 13Taylor, WilliamFragments of Canadian Eskimo Prehistory
Nov. 20Lin, Paul T.The Dynamics of Change in Contemporary China
Nov. 27Boggs, Jean S.The National Gallery of Canada
Dec. 4Barron, Moses; Kerr, Robert B. Noble, Robert L.; Gibson, WilliamThe 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of Insulin

Jan. 15Black, SamArt Play and Heavenly Alchemy
Jan. 22Hartt, Mr JusticeReform of the Criminal Law in Contemporary Society
Jan. 29Hulcoop, JohnOrts, Scraps and Fragments: Virgina Woolf's Final Fiction
Feb. 5Brown, Donald G.Mill on Liberty -- And the Laws of Canada
Feb. 12Newman, MurrayAfrican Wildlife and Its Significance to B.C.
Feb. 19Merivale, PatriciaOrpheus in Exile -- Mythologies of Modern Literature
Feb. 26Hodgson, Stuart M.Northwest Territories -- People and Prospects
March 4Larkin, PeterConstructive Ecology
March 11Griffiths, GeorgeEnergy and Power -- Some Questions for B.C.
March 18Kahn-Freund, OttoBritish Labour Law -- A Turning Point?
Oct. 21Bates, David The Horse and Buggy Doctor (text)
Oct. 28Hartt, Mr JusticeReform of the Criminal Law in Contemporary Society
Nov. 4Macpherson, C.B.Can Property Survive Democracy?
Nov. 18Seigel, H.O.Playing the Odds in Scientific Propecting
Nov. 25Lawson, EdThe State of Trade Unionism Today
Dec. 2Suedfeld, PeterBeyond B.F. Skinner: Freedom and Dignity?

Jan. 13Pearse, PeterGrowth, Or a Stationary Economy?
Jan. 20Holling, C.S. Vancouvers, 1984
Jan. 27Street, T. George Parole Problems (text)
Feb. 3Fox, IrvingThe Lower Fraser River in Our Future
Feb. 10Wilimovsky, NormanNorthern Development and Its Environmental Impact
Feb. 17Levi-Strauss, ClaudeThe Contribution of the Pacific Northwest in the Mythologies of the Americas
Feb. 24Daniells, J. RoyMilton Revisited: A New Look at Paradise Lost
March 3Ovenden, MichaelThe Lost Planet
March 10Cornish, WilliamHow Juries Function
March 17 MacKenzie, Norman Ian H.G. Wells
March 24Miller, Milton H.Do Psychiatrists Still Carry Couches?
Oct. 13Eccles, JohnUnderstanding the Human Brain
Oct. 20Uprichard, MurielThe Oldest Profession (a)
Oct. 27Cass-Beggs, DavidPower, Development and the Environment in B.C.
Nov. 3Lerner, MichaelHuman Biology and Ethics
Nov. 10Lambo, ThomasMental Health Services in Developing Countries
Nov. 17Herbert, Jack D.The Museum and the Community
Nov. 24Bremer, JohnIntelligence in the Community
Dec. 1Hobbs, LisaCommunicating Through the Grudge Fence

Jan. 12Andrews, JohnPhase Two: New Directions for the Faculty of Education
Jan. 19Oberlander, H.P.In Praise of Cities: What is Canada's Urban Future?
Jan. 26Choquette, Jerome???
Feb. 2Mayor, Robin C.Encounter With An Idea: The Vancouver School of Art
Feb. 9Berger, T.New Directions in Family Law
Feb. 16Gaffney, MasonGrowth, Jobs and Scarcity on a Small Planet
Feb. 23Franks, Cyril M.Behavioural Change and Modern Man: A Behavioural Clinicians View of the 70s
March 2Franck, Thomas M.Secrecy and Foreign Policy in Canada, Britain and the United States
March 9Goldmark, Peter C.The New Rural Society
March 16Haerring, R.R.Physics and Archaeology
Sept. 11Denning, LordThe Failure of Leadership
Oct. 5Jewett, PaulineUniversity and Community
Oct. 12St.-Jacques, BernardIs Bilingualism Possible in Canada? -- Perspectives on Bilingualism in Canada
Oct. 19Burgen, ArnoldAttitudes to Drugs
Oct. 26Durrant, GeoffreyThe Educated Man
Nov. 2North, KennethCanada's Oil and Gas Resources
Nov. 9Harwood, Julius J.Mavericks, Malthus and Materials
Nov. 16Wolfenden, John Crime and Sin (a)
Nov. 23Neilson, WilliamConsumer Affairs and Public Policy
Nov. 30Weisskopf, Victor Modern Insights into the Structure of Matter (a)
Dec. 7Erickson, ArthurA Personal View of China (a)

Jan. 11Mead, Margaret The Social Significance of Theories of Human Aggression (a)
Jan. 18Barry, Brian M. The Theory and Problems of Social Justice (a)
Jan. 25Richards, James F. The Myth of Organic Foods (a)
Feb. 1Warren, H.V. Gold or Dross -- The Romantic Past and Future Potential of B.C.'s Mineral Wealth (a)
Feb. 8Best, MartinThe Art of the Minstrel
Feb. 15Kita, SadayoHagoromo: The Heavenly Maiden Lecture/Demonstration of Japanese No theatre
Feb. 22Ruff, Kathleen New Issues in Human Rights (a)
March 1Raskin, D. Lie Detection and the Judicial Process (a)
March 8Steward, Frederick Cloning (a)
March 15Salisbury, Harrison A Roving Editor Reports (a)
Sept. 27Berton, PierreThe Americanization of the Canadian Image (a)
Oct. 4Macleod, Robert The Inadequacy of Building (a)
Oct. 11Schwartz, Gary Biofeedback, Meditation and the Voluntary Control of Mind Over Body (a)
Oct. 18Helliwell, John Arctic Pipelines in a Broader Context (a)
Oct. 25Hodgkinson, RuthProgress in Medicine -- A Social History (a)
Nov. 1Bandura, Albert New Perspectives on Violence (a)
Nov. 8Beloff, Max Is the U.K. Breaking Up? (a)
Nov. 15 MacKenzie, Norman Ian The New Women -- Dilemmas of Beatrice Webb (a)
Nov. 22Walker, Gordon The Golden Age of Astronomy (a)
Nov. 29Petch, Howard Diversity Within a Family of Universities -- Ontario's 14 and B.C.'s 3 (a)
Dec. 6Nichols, MarjorieGovernments and Information

Jan. 10Webster, Donald B.Canadiana
Jan. 17Dybwad, Gunnar International Developments in the Social Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (a)
Jan. 24Chomsky, Noam Human Nature: The Linguistic Evidence (a)
Jan. 31Krajina, Vladimir Ecological Reserves in British Columbia (a)
Feb. 7Sheehan, Michael Excavation at Alahan: Social Dimensions of the Life of an Early Christian Monastery (a)
Feb. 14Trimble, Virginia Cosmology -- Man's Place in the Universe (a)
Feb. 21Laidler, David Recent Experiences with Incomes Policy and its Implications for Canada (a)
Feb. 28Piel, Gerard Science and the Citizen: The Scientific American and its World Public (a)
March 6Ablett, David Parliament vs Congress: A Journalist's Look (a)
March 13Kenny, Douglas The University on the Frontier (a)
March 20Adaskin, Harry; Adaskin, FrancesLecture with Music.
Sept. 25Enders, Thomas O.An Environment Shared: Canada and the U.S. (a)
Oct. 2Hinsley, Harry The Future of the European Common Market (a)
Oct. 9Edgerton, Harold E. Use of Electrical Methods for Underwater Discovery -- Including the Loch Ness Monster (a)
Oct. 16Schwarz, Harry H. Politics and Social Change in South Africa: The Role of Multi-National Corporations (a)
Oct. 23Hall, Thomas C.Emerging Understanding of Cancer Causation (a)
Oct. 30Best, Martin"Troubador" Concert and Lecture (a)
Nov. 6Anderson, Doris Canadianism in Periodicals, Films and Books (a)
Nov. 13Morrow, W.G. Law in the North (a)
Nov. 20Lamb, W. Kaye Mackenzie King and History: Use and Abuse of his Diaries (a)
Nov. 27Janson, H.W. The Role of Chance in Artistic Creation (a)
Dec. 4Gaudry, Roger Science Policy and the Future of Research in Canada (a)

Jan. 22Auty, Phyllis Tito and World Communism (a)
Jan. 29Kennedy, James M. Computers and How They Got That Way (a)
Feb. 5Woodside, Alex B. China and Vietnam -- The New Era (a)
Feb. 12Colbeck, Mabel M. Songs and Ballads -- The Pulse of the People (a)
Feb. 19Wilson, J. TuzoEarthquakes in China and Elsewhere -- Are They Becoming More Frequent? (a)
Feb. 26Bethge, Eberhard Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Totalitarian State (a)
March 5Vogt, Erich First Results from TRIUMF (a)
March 12Woodhead, A. GeoffreyThe Failure of an Experiment: Athens in the 5th Century B.C.
March 19Wallerstein, Immanuel The Modern World System (a)
March 26Deschenes, Jules Politic and the Rule of Law (a)
April 16Hemingway, Mary An Evening with Mary Hemingway (a)
Sept. 17Porter, George Life Under the Sun: The Past and Future of Solar Energy (a)
Sept. 24Dunn, John Envy, Fear and Interdependence: The Third World and the West (a)
Oct. 1Scudder, Geoffrey Evolution or Special Creation (a)
Oct. 8Spicer, Keith Bilingualism : Un Succes de Scandale (a)
Oct. 15Hacking, Norman The Romance of Vancouver Harbour (a)
Oct. 22Bewley, Leslie Parole, Public Safety and the Administration of Justice (a)
Oct. 29Barton, Derek The Classification of Crises -- The World of Today (a)
Nov. 5Craig, Gordon Y.Geology -- The Scottish Science (a)
Nov. 12Drance, StephenRecent Advances in Blindness Prevention (a)
Nov. 19Morand, Kathleen Artists in Medieval Workshops (a)
Nov. 26Rosenblum, Robert Picasso -- and the Guernica of 1937 (a)

Jan. 7Ayer, AlfredWhat has Become of Philosophy? (a)
Jan. 14Breton, Albert; Breton, Raymond Quebec and the Dynamics of Contemporary Canada (a)
Jan. 21Mukherjee, Bharati; Blaise, ClarkThe Art of Biography; Readings "Days and Nights in Calcutta" (a)
Jan. 28Watters, D.W.Captain Cook's Contributions (a)
Feb. 4Dirks, John Salt in Health and Disease (a)
Feb. 11Clyne, J.V. The Constitution of Canada -- Summing Up (a)
Feb. 18Carney, Pat The Space Age Classroom -- Satellite Tele-Education (a)
Feb. 25Karsh, Yousuf Observations and Photographs (a)
March 4Smith, Arnold C. Canada and World Politics -- Today and Tomorrow (a)
March 11Khorana, GobindThe Biological Revolution (a)
March 18Esslin, Martin The Theatre of the Absurd (a)
Sept. 9Wilkinson, DenysSymmetry in Art and Nature (a)
Sept. 16Woodside, Alex B. Collision of Revolutions: China and Vietnam (a)
Sept. 23Stephens, DonaldThe Making of a Literature (a)
Sept. 30Harris, R. Cole Quebec and the Canadian Land (a)
Oct. 7Kurland, Leonard Incidence, Trends and Outcome of Disease (a)
Oct. 14Barfield, Owen The History of Ideas: Evolution of Consciousness (a)
Oct. 21Gardner, J.A.F.; Kimmins, James P.; Ainscough, GrantOur Forests: A Renewable Resource? (a)
Oct. 28Freedman, Samuel Challenges to the Rule of Law (a)
Nov. 4Gates, AllenJapanese Music, Traditional and Modern (a)
Nov. 11Hogg, James C. Environment and Breathing (a)
Nov. 18Meier, Richard L. The Conserver City: Social Effects of New Technology (a)
Nov. 25Ormsby, MargaretBritish Columbia's History: New Perspectives

Feb. 3Cairns, Alan The Crisis of Canadian Federation (a)
Feb. 10Malcolm, Andrew I. The Use and Abuse of Forensic Psychiastrists in Our Courts (a)
Feb. 17Ivany, Randall Whither Goes the Ombudsman (a)
Feb. 24Treisman, Anne The Psychology of Perception and Thought (a)
March 3Laurence, Dan H. George Bernard Shaw: The Shavian View of Life (a)
March 10Lloyd, Lord The Freedom of the Press (a)
March 17Halpin, Marjorie Experiencing the Mythic Image: An Evening of Northwest Coast Indian Art (a)
March 24Nicolson, Nigel Virginia Woolf: A Personal Portrait (a)
March 31Silverman, Robert An Evening with Robert Silverman (a)
Sept. 15Lovins, AmorySoft Energy Paths (a)
Sept. 22Campbell, Joseph Psyche and Symbol (a)
Sept. 29Erdman, Jean The Dynamic Energy of Dance (a) (v)
Oct. 6Unruh, William G. Black Holes -- The Edge of the Universe (a)
Oct. 13Solomon, Robert Emotions and Human Nature (a)
Oct. 20Seldin, Donald W. High Blood Pressure: Prevalence, Risks, Treatments (a)
Oct. 27 Kahneman, Daniel Judgments and Preferences: The Psychology of Irrationality (a)
Nov. 3Baird, Patricia Heredity and Your Family (a)
Nov. 10Wigner, Eugene Einstein -- The Man and His Work (a)
Nov. 17Schon, Donald A. Will the Professions Survive? The Age of Uncertainty (a)
Nov. 24Young, John What is Happening to Money? The International Monetary Fund (a)
Dec. 1Maclean, Fitzroy Holy Russia (a)

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