Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1980-1989

DateSpeaker(s)Lecture Title

Jan. 26Baker, GeorgeFamily Law (a)
Feb. 2Parker, Geoffrey Conscience and Power: Philip II of Spain, History and Legend (a)
Feb. 9Mandel, Eli A Poet's Work: Readings and Comments (a)
Feb. 16Wilson, Michael H.Colour Perception (a)
Feb. 23Fraser, JohnChina -- The Myth and the Reality (a)
March 1Leach, Edmund Michelangelo's Genesis: An Anthropologist's View (a)
March 8Renzhi, HouOutstanding Ancient City Ruins in the Deserts of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (a)
March 15Reynertson, JoanFilm: A Theatre of Dreams (a)
March 22Weinshilboum, Richard The Chemistry of the Brain (a)
March 29Huxley, AndrewMuscle Physiology: Old and New Discoveries (a)
Sept. 27Robertson, GordonCanada: Constitutional Crossroads (a)
Oct. 4Kreith, Frank Solar Energy: Promise and Reality (a)
Oct. 11Williams, TennesseeReadings and Discourse (a)
Oct. 18Coren, Stanley The Psychology of Visual Illusion (a)
Oct. 23Lama, DalaiThe Buddhist View of Reality (a)
Oct. 25Scriver, Charles You and the New Genetics (a)
Nov. 1Abrams, M.H.The Radical Ambiguity of William Blake
Nov. 8Levy, JuliaEarly Cancer Detection by Blood Tests (a)
Nov. 15Gilmore, Paul C.Where are Computers Going? (a)
Nov. 22Arrott, Anthony Pattern and Rhythm in Physics and Art (a)
Nov. 29Souther, J.G.The Volcanoes Around Us (a)

Jan. 31Kraay, Colin M. The Coinage of Athens and the Ancient World (a)
Feb. 7Pate, Brian D.PET: A Radiochemist's View of the Brain at Work (a)
Feb. 14Beck, BrendaA Folk Epic of South India: Hierarchy, Heroism and Fate (a)
Feb. 21 Friedrichs, Christopher R. Urban Revolutions: Past and Present (a)
Feb. 28Blandau, Richard J. The Threat of Overpopulation (a)
March 7Leaper, RobertThe State of the Welfare State (a)
March 14Schwartz, Gary New Frontiers in Biofeedback and Behavioural Medicine (a)
March 21Symons, Julian The Mystique of the Detective Story (a)
March 28Davidson, Donald Paradoxes of Irrationality (a)
April 4Sellar, Don Life Under Reagan (a)
April 25Diplock, Lord The Role of the Courts in the 1980s (a)
Sept. 26Dore, Ronald P.The Inner Mechanism of Japan Inc. (a)
Oct. 3Minkowski, Alexandre Practical Medicine and the Developing World (a)
Oct. 10Tickner, FrenchThe Opera: An Exotick and Irrational Entertainment (a)
Oct. 17Dyson, Freeman Life in the Universe (a)
Oct. 24 O'Brien, Conor Cruise The Press and the World (a)
Oct. 31Goetz-Stankiewicz, Marketa The Czech Theatre (a)
Nov. 7Hoffman, Martin M.Understanding Diabetes: What Everyone Should Know (a)
Nov. 14Crispo, John Industrial Relations: Mandate for Canada (a)
Nov. 21Doran, Charles Canadian-American Relations under the Reagan Administration (a)
Nov. 28Shoyama, Thomas Canada's Economy: Prospect and Policy (a)

Jan. 23Stone, Lawrence The Modern Family and Its Origins (a)
Jan. 30Weiss, Stephen Lifestyle Change and Health Enhancement (a)
Feb. 6McGregor, Maurice An Anglophone in Quebec (a)
Feb. 13Chaput-Rolland, Solange Quebec After Patriation (a)
Feb. 20Brink, Bert Land Use in B.C. -- An Ecological Perspective (a)
Feb. 27Klein, Lawrence Recent Challenges to Keynesian Economic Policies (a)
March 6Singer, J. David International Security in the 1980s (a)
March 13Chitty, DennisDo Lemmings Commit Suicide? (a)
March 20Williams, David Environment and the Law (a)
March 27Skilling, H. Gordon Poland and the Future of Eastern Europe (a)
April 3Wasserburg, G.J. Stars, Gas, Dust and Planets (a)
Sept. 25Richards, Rex NMR: A New Window on the Human Body: Medical Applications (a)
Oct. 2West, Jolyon Violence (a)
Oct. 9Calvin, Melvin Energy: Growing and Engineering Hydrocarbons (a)
Oct. 16Hebert, Jacques Canadian Youth and the Developing World (a)
Oct. 23Rosen, CharlesRhythm and the Passage of Time in the 20th Century.
Oct. 30Burns, Peter T.The State of Privacy in Canada: Was Orwell Right? (a)
Nov. 6Kerr, Clark Prospects for Higher Education in the U.S. -- 1982-2000 (a)
Nov. 13Thomas, Lewis Matters Unsettled by Science (a)
Nov. 20Meekison, PeterWhither Western Canada? (a)
Nov. 27Haslam, GeraldNewspaper Publishing: Truth or Profits (a)

Jan. 29Martin, Joseph B. Hormones and the Brain (a)
Feb. 5Mishan, EzraFaith, Capitalism and Technology (a)
Feb. 12Meincke, PeterSmall is Profitable (a)
Feb. 19Miller, RobertGenetic Engineering: How it Can Affect You. (a)
Feb. 26Singer, J. David Military Strategy, Political Tactics and Survival (a)
March 5Pentz, Michael J. A European Scientist Looks at Nuclear Weapons (a)
March 12Juneau, PierreThe Future of National Broadcasting (a)
March 19Ross, Ian The Scottish Enlightenment and that Gadfly David Hume (a)
March 26Peebles, James The Origin of the Universe (a)
April 9 Mitford, Jessica Inside Muckraking (a)
Sept. 17Dickson, Brian The Forgotten Party: The Victim of Crime (a)
Sept. 24Saywell, William China's Race Against Time: Modernization and Education (a)
Oct. 1Rule, MargaretA Tudor Warship: King Henry VIII's Mary Rose (a)
Oct. 8Pedersen, GeorgeEducation Under Seige: Academic Freedom and the Cult of Efficiency (a)
Oct. 15Astbury, Alan W and Z.: The New Particles and the New Physics (a)
Oct. 22Simon, Brian The I.Q. Controversy: The Case of Cyril Burt (a)
Oct. 29Cone, Edward Hearing and Knowing Music (a)
Nov. 5Hillis, W.E. The Impending Crisis in Forestry (a)
Nov. 12Cahill, Kevin M.AIDS: A Medical and Social Problem (a)
Nov. 19Franklin, UrsulaTechnology and Society: The Case of Ancient China (a)
Nov. 26Rachman, S.J. Fear and Courage (a)

Jan. 28Fairweather, Gordon The Year of Orwell and Human Rights (a)
Feb. 4Arai, Thomas Y. Canada and the Pacific Potential (a)
Feb. 11Hopkins, Jeffrey Buddhism: Compassion and Wisdom (a)
Feb. 18Chase, R.L. Deep Sea Vents: Lava and Life Under the Sea (a)
Feb. 25Rice, Condoleezza East-West Security: Prospects for Peace (a)
March 3Birch, Daniel Teaching in Babel: The Vancouver School System (a)
March 10Masson, Jeffrey M. Freud and Truth (a)
March 17Bloch, Konrad The Chemistry of Evolution (a)
March 24Towers, George N.Medical Botany and the Environmental Challenge (a)
March 31Lavin, Irving The Unity of the Arts and the Early Baroque Opera House
Sept. 15Tanaka, Hideo The Role of Law in Japan: Comparisons with the West (a)
Sept. 22Wilson, Bertha Children: The Casualties of a Failed Marriage (a)
Sept. 29Kazhdan, Alexander Byzantine Culture (a)
Oct. 6Larkin, Peter How Salmon Find Their Way Home (a)
Oct. 13Dobell, A.R. Economics and Politics in British Columbia (a)
Oct. 20Hiatt, Howard H. Misplaced Priorities: The Human Costs of the Arms Race (a)
Oct. 27Mandelbrot, Benoit The Fractal Cosmos: New Shapes in the Sciences and Art (a)
Nov. 3Pylyshyn, Xenon Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind (a)
Nov. 10MacKinnon, Catherine Pornography (a)
Nov. 17Gold, PhilThe Cloud of Cancer with the Ever Increasing Silver Lining (a)
Nov. 24Crick, Bernard The Other Orwell: Getting Away from 1984 (a)

Jan. 26Pearson, Richard Asian Archaeology: Recent Discoveries (a)
Feb. 2Findley, Timothy Matter Over Mind: The Imagination in Jeopardy (a)
Feb. 9Fowler, William The Quest for the Origin of Elements (a)
Feb. 16Reed, Les Reshaping Forest Policy (a)
Feb. 23Nichols, Marjorie Reflections on the Media (a)
March 2 Kitchen, Martin Winston Churchill and the Soviet Union (a)
March 9Hampshire, Stuart Past and Present in the Morality of Politics (a)
March 16Hubel, David Vision and the Brain (a)
March 23Elton, Geoffrey Roads to Civil War in England (a)
March 30McCrum, Michael Elitism, Egalitarianism and Excellence (a)
Sept. 21Strangway, David Exploring the Planets (a)
Sept. 28Fisher, Roger Negotiating with the Russians and Your Wife (a)
Oct. 5Gottlieb, Michael AIDS: Medical Science in Action (a)
Oct. 12 Holling, C.S. (Buzz) Ecosystem Design: Local Surprise and Global Change (a)
Oct. 19Saywell, WilliamRelevance and Our Universities: Responsibility or Red Herring? (a)
Oct. 26MacDonald, George F.Raven's Treasure House: Northwest Indian Art and Culture (a)
Nov. 2Atwood, Margaret Blood and Thunder (a)
Nov. 9Shainman, IrwinMozart: Myth and Reality (a)
Nov. 16Golding, William Thoughts and Readings (a)
Nov. 23Helliwell, John Canada's Economic Performance, 1955 to 1990 (a)(v)
Nov. 30Herzberg, Gerhard The Space Between the Stars (a)(v)

Jan. 18Palmer, GeoffreyReforming Parliament: The Case of New Zealand (a)(v)
Jan. 25Caldwell, John The News from Halley's Comet (a)(v)
Feb. 1Galdikas, BiruteOrangutangs: People of the Forest (a)(v)
Feb. 8Simon, Herbert A. Why Economists Disagree (a)(v)
Feb. 15Smith, Michael Genetic Engineering -- 1986 (a)(v)
Feb. 22Fromkin, Victoria Brain, Mind and Language (a)(v)
March 1Lewis, StephenThe United Nations: What Does the Future Hold? (a)(v)
March 8Goldfarb, MartinThe Role of Polling in Canadian Society (a)(v)
March 15Dasgupta, Partha The Silent Food War (a)(v)
March 22Kleinman, Arthur Bodily Idioms of Distress (a)(v)
March 29Donaldson, JohnThe Courts: The Citizen's Non-nuclear Deterrant (a)(v)
Sept. 27Kamenka, Eugene; Tay, Alice Erh-SoonLife Under Communism: Soviet Union and China (a)(v)
Oct. 4Sinclair, Lister Enlightenment in the Mass Media Age (a)(v)
Oct. 11Braybrooke, David Concepts of Justice (a)(v)
Oct. 18Cottrell, Alan Engineering the Future (a)(v)
Oct. 25Schawlow, Arthur Lasers and Man (a)(v)
Nov. 1Bernabo, Christopher The Role of Science in Environmental Decision Making (a)(v)
Nov. 8 Harris, R. Cole Canada and the American Question (a)(v)
Nov. 15Griffin, KeithWorld Hunger and the World Economy (a)(v)
Nov. 22Borden, John H.Who is Managing the Forests -- Man or the Mountain Pine Beetle? (a)(v)
Nov. 29Goldman, John M. Cures in Cancer (a)(v)

Jan. 24Samuelson, Paul The Economic Future (a)(v)
Jan. 31Russell, James Byzantine Archaeology: A City Revealed (a)(v)
Feb. 7Simpson, Geoffrey Patronage in Canada (a)(v)
Feb. 14Weill, HansAsbestos, Science and Public Policy (a)(v)
Feb. 21Hall, Judith G. Medical Genetics and Your Family (a)(v)
Feb. 28Fisher, John P. Information and Decisions in a Democracy (a)(v)
March 7Mitchell, Donald The Mahler Phenomenon (a)(v)
March 14Gotlieb, Allan E. Canada and the U.S.: Trade and Realities (a)(v)
March 21Bain, George S. Industrial Relations: Conflict or Cooperation (a)(v)
March 28Polanyi, John The Molecular Dance in Chemical Reactions (a)(v)
Sept. 26North, Peter Sex, Spies and Secrets (a)(v)
Oct. 3Kyrieleis, Helmut Excavations at Olympia (a)(v)
Oct. 10Chadwick, Owen The Role of Religion in History (a)(v)
Oct. 17Brewer, Jesse High-Temperature Superconductivity (a)(v)
Oct. 24Bell, E. Arthur Botany and the Survival of Mankind (a)(v)
Oct. 31Calne, Donald B. New Approaches to Old Diseases (a)(v)
Nov. 7Slynn, Gordon Trade Across Frontiers -- A Legal Perspective (a)(v)
Nov. 14Seidensticker, Edward The World's First Novel: "Tale of the Genji" (a)(v)
Nov. 21Djwa, Sandra Frank Scott: "The Politics of the Imagination" (a)(v)
Nov. 28Vogt, Erich The Kaon Factory (a)(v)

Jan. 23Kennedy, Duncan Radicalism in Elite Institutions (a)(v)
Jan. 30Calami, PeterIlliteracy: Naming the Guilty Party (a)(v)
Feb. 6Sheehan, Nancy Education and Society: Insights from the Past (a)(v)
Feb. 13Gallo, Robert Viruses, Cancer and AIDS: Today and Tomorrow (a)(v)
Feb. 20Fullerton, Donald The Outlook for Global Banking (a)(v)
Feb. 27Taylor, Charles The Inner Self (a)(v)
March 5Israel, Werner From White Dwarfs to Black Holes: The Story of a Revolutionary Idea (a)(v)
March 12Foell, Earl The Rise and Fall of the American Empire (a)(v)
March 19Dye, Kenneth Financial Management and the Federal Deficit (a)(v)
Sept. 24Fairweather, Gordon Canada's New Immigration and Refugee Policy (a)(v)
Oct. 1Arrott, Anthony Science and Peace: Coping with Our Creations (a)(v)
Oct. 8Briggs, Winslow Plants that Follow the Sun (a)(v)
Oct. 15Sontheimer, Kurt Thomas Mann and his Political Engagement (a)(v)
Oct. 22Levy, Julia A New Approach to Cancer Therapy (a)(v)
Oct. 29Darnton, Robert The Literary Revolution of 1789 (a)(v)
Nov. 5Eberts, Mary The Equality Gap: Canadian Law and Women's Reality (a)(v)
Nov. 12Wagner, Gottfried H. Nietzsche and Wagner: Their Oeuvres and Personalities (a)(v)
Nov. 19 Hochachka, Peter William Men of the Andes and Seals of Antarctica (a)(v)
Nov. 26Webb, Pauline M. The Media and Morality (a)(v)

Jan. 28Keown, Paul A. New Parts for Old: An Odyssey in Medicine (a)(v)
Feb. 4Schafer, Murray An Evening with Murray Schafer (a)(v)
Feb. 11Newman, Peter C.Does Canada Have a Future? (a)(v)
Feb. 18Baird, Patricia Genetics and Health Care: Challenge and Choice (a)(v)
Feb. 25Lipset, SeymourDistinctive Nations: The Values and Cultures of Canada and the U.S. (a)(v)
March 4Fleming, John The Insurance Crisis (a)(v)
March 11Heinke, GaryOur Failing Urban Infrastructure (a)(v)
March 18Nisbet, Euah Change on Planet Earth (a)(v)
March 25Schelling, ThomasStrategic Arms Control: What Makes Sense? (a)(v)
April 1Kenny-Wallace, Geraldine Molecular Choroegraphy with Lasers (a)(v)
Sept. 23Ambrose, Stephen Eisenhower, Nixon and the Modern American Presidency (a)(v)
Sept. 30Steiner, Zara Mrs Thatcher's Britain: An Outsider's View (a)(v)
Oct. 7LeClezio, J.M. Sacred Cities (a)(v)
Oct. 14French, Marilyn Beyond Power (a)(v)
Oct. 21Rudrum, Alan The Domination of Nature: Early Modern Thought and Ecological Crisis (a)(v)
Oct. 28Evans, Robert Why Some People are Healthy and Others are Not (a)(v)
Nov. 4Pommaret-Imaeda, Francoise Inside Bhutan (a)(v)
Nov. 11Woodside, Alexander Emperors and Democrats in China (a)(v)
Nov. 18Lipsey, RichardHigh-Tech and the Global Economy: Where is it Taking Canada? (a)(v)
Nov. 25Gale, Robert Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Accidents, and Nuclear War (a)(v)

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