Vancouver Institute Lectures - 1990-1999

Date Speaker(s) Lecture Title

Jan. 27 Stevens, Geoffrey Uneasy Bedfellows: Politicians and the Press (a)(v)
Feb. 3 Krugman, Paul Third World Debt: Their Problem or Ours? (a)(v)
Feb. 10 Rogers, Gary Earthquakes (a)(v)
Feb. 17 Oke, Timothy Warming Cities: Local or Global Climatic Changes? (a)(v)
Feb. 24 Hellenkemper, Hansgerd Cologne - Archaeology in a Living City (a)(v)
March 3 Whyte, Martin China's Student Demonstrations: Their Social Roots (a)(v)
March 10 Keatley, Philip Television Drama In Canada: The End of the Line (a)(v)
March 17 Ridgway, Brunilde An Ancient Masterpiece Recreated: The Parthenon in Nashville (a)(v)
March 24 Doll, Richard Progress Against Cancer: An Epidemiologist's Assessment (a)(v)
March 31 Fyfe, William S. Change on Planet Earth (a)(v)
Sept. 29 Harper, John L. Global Warming (a)(v)
Oct. 6 Polishchuk, Leonid The Soviet Economy in Transition (a)(v)
Oct. 13 Ames, Bruce N. Carcinogens and Aging (a)(v)
Oct. 20 Langguth, G. German Unity - What Next? (a)(v)
Oct. 27 Brock, William A. Butterflies and Business Cycles: Is Economic Turbulence Like Nature's Turbulence? (a)(v)
Nov. 3 Raduchel, William J. Information Technology in the Global Economy (a)(v)
Nov. 10 Cynader, Max Space, Time, Seeing and Hearing: Cortical Mechanisms of Sensing (a)(v)
Nov. 17 Strong, David Universities on a Changing Earth (a)(v)
Nov. 24 Scott, E.W. European Colonialism and Its Impact on Indigineous Peoples (a)(v)
Dec. 1 Wolfe, Saul Drug Receptor Interactions: A Chemist's Approach (a)(v)

Jan. 26 Gigantes, Philippe Deane The Fate of Canada (a)(v)
Feb. 2 Thomas, Christopher The GAAT, Protectionism and Continentalism: A New International Trading Order (a)(v)
Feb. 9 Lederman, Leon Particle Physics: Miletus to Waxahachee - A Tale of Two Cities (a)(v)
Feb. 16 Coop, Jane Mozart's Genius: A Pianist's Perspective (a)(v)
Feb. 23 Gibson, Edward M. Architectural History of Vancouver (a)(v)
March 2 Fortier, Yves The United Nations After the Cold War (a)(v)
March 9 Melzack, Ronald The Tragedy of Needless Pain (a)(v)
March 16 Boyle, Christine Sexual Assault: Issues Which Won't Go Away (a)(v)
March 23 Demnain, Arnold Biotechnology: Blotting and Dotting; Bubbling and Boiling (a)(v)
March 30 Parfitt, Michael A. Fragile Bones in Fragile People: Age Related Fractures (a)(v)
Sept. 28 Andrew, Christopher M. The KGB: From Lenin to Gorbachev (a)(v)
Oct. 5 Head, Ivan L. A World Turned Upside Down (a)(v)
Oct. 12 Zadeh, Lotfi A. Fuzzy Logic: Principles, Applications and Perspectives (a)(v)
Oct. 19 Slessor, Keith N. Insect Semiochemicals: A Smelly Business (a)(v)
Oct. 26 Goldberg, Michael A. Vancouver: North America's First Pacific Rim City (a)(v)
Nov. 2 McGee, Terrance G. The Mega Cities of Eastern Asia: A New Phase in Global Urbanization (a)(v)
Nov. 9 Page, Shelley A. Symmetries in Physics (a)(v)
Nov. 16 Hart, Oliver S. The Modern Corporation: The Theory of Its Financial Structure (a)(v)
Nov. 23 Abella, Rosalie Law and Public Policy: Who Decides? (a)(v)
Nov. 30 Vogt, Erich The Birth of Kaon (a)(v)

Jan. 18 Pyke, David A. Diabetes: What Causes It; Can We Cure It? (a)(v)
Jan. 25 Delgado, James The Archeology of the Atomic Bomb (a)
Feb. 1 Close, Frank Cold Fusion: Too Hot to Handle? (a)(v)
Feb. 8 Marchak, Patricia The Integrated Circus: The New Right and the Restructuring of Global Markets (a)(v)
Feb. 15 Bowering, George Readings and Commentary (a)(v)
Feb. 22 Crowcroft, Peter Why Have Zoos? (a)(v)
Feb. 29 Dickson, Brian The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Has It Americanized the Canadian Judiciary? (a)(v)
March 7 Seaton, Peter Will Medicare Survive? (a)(v)
March 14 Gauthier, David Making Morality (a)(v)
March 21 Gray, Harry B. Chemistry and Solar Energy (a)(v)
March 28 Meron, Theodor Shakespeare's Henry V and the Laws of War (a)(v)
Sept. 26 Baudouin, Jean Louis How Far Can the Law Go? (a)(v)
Oct. 3 Williams, E.H. The Archaeology of a Vampire or Digging Up Ancient Lesbos (a)(v)
Oct. 10 Vandenberg, Donald Star Clusters, Stellar Evolution, and Cosmology (a)(v)
Oct. 17 Shulman, David Playing Dice With God: Myths of Siva and the Feminine (a)(v)
Oct. 24 Watson, Alan Religion and war in Ancient Rome: Lessons for Modern Conflict (a)(v)
Oct. 31 Wrist, Peter Sustainable Development and its Implications for the Forest Products Industry (a)(v)
Nov. 7 Barron, Caroline Women in Medieval London (a)(v)
Nov. 14 Stager, Lawrence E. Excavations at Ashkelon: in the Footsteps of the Philistines (a)(v)
Nov. 21 Aberbach, Alan D. Giuseppe Verdi: Liberty, Catholicism and the Rise of Italian Nationalism (a)(v)
Nov. 28 Harris, R. Cole The Background of the Native Land Question (a)(v)

Jan. 23 Miller-Collett, Stella Tombs and Treasures of Ancient Macedonia: Recent Discoveries in Northern Greece (a)
Jan. 30 Fruin, W. Mark Knowledge-based Competition: The Japanese Challenge (a)
Feb. 6 Merchant, Carolyn Reinventing Nature (a)
Feb. 13 Safdie, Moshe Architecture in Search of the Public Realm (a)(v)
Feb. 20 Fersht, Alan R. Protein Engineering: Basic Research and Biotechnology (a)
Feb. 27 Aridjis, Homero 1492: The Life and Times of Juan Cabezon of Castile, the History of an Historical Novel (a)
Mar 6 Posner, Michael Images of the Mind: Pictorial Review of Brain Changes During Thought (a)
Mar 13 Webb, Phyllis Poetry and Psychobiography (a)
Mar 20 Vogt, David Canada's Stonehenges (a)(v)
Mar 27 Scales, Ann; Caputi, Jane The Pornography of Everyday Life (a)(v)
Sept. 25 Jacobs, Michael Symbols of Revolt: Environmental Politics and Beyond (a)(v)
Oct. 2 Shamuyarira, Nathan M. Southern Africa in the New World Order (a)
Oct. 9 Astrom, Karl J. Black Boxes and White Noise (a)
Oct. 16 Gray, John An Evening with John Gray (a)
Oct. 23 Davies, Julian The Rise and Fall of Antibiotics (a)
Oct. 30 Fisher, William Reducing the Risk: Understanding and Promoting AIDS-Preventive Behaviour (a)
Nov. 6 Broecker, Wallace Is Fossil Fuel CO2 greening the Earth? (a)
Nov. 13 Hayden, Michael Genes R Us: The Link between our Past and Future (a)
Nov. 20 Tickell, Crispin The United Nations in Peace and War (a)
Nov. 27 Kieffer, Susan Researching the Earth: Living it, Loving it, Sharing it (a)

Jan. 22 Stubbs, John Computerizing the Oxford Dictionary (a)
Jan. 29 Shleifer, Andrei Privatizing Russia? (a)
Feb. 5 Cruikshank, Julia The Discovery of Klondike Gold: contributions from First Nations' Oral Tradition (a)
Feb. 12 Smith, Murray G. After NAFTA: Where do we go from here? (a)
Feb. 19 Baird, Patricia Proceed With Care: New Reproductive Technologies in Canada (a)
Feb. 26 Green, Peter Alexander the Great's New City of Alexandria (a)
Mar 5 Ericson, Richard The Decline of Innocence (a)
Mar 12 Wachtel, Eleanor The Lives of Writers (a)
Mar 19 Rorty, Richard Do We Need Ethical Principles? (a)(v)
Mar 26 Falkow, Stanley Diarrhea, Tuberculosis and Genetic Engineering (a)(v)
Sept. 24 Smith, Michael The Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993 (a)(v)
Oct. 1 Taylor, Richard Small! Smaller! Smallest? The Finding of the Quark
Oct. 8 Moore, Mavor Re-inventing Canada (a)(v)
Oct. 15 Weller, Geoffrey The Future of the Canadian Intelligence Services in the Post Cold War World (a)
Oct. 22 Bergmann, Frithjof The Future of Work: The Future of Culture (a)
Oct. 29 Norris, David Owen The Craft of Music (a)
Nov. 5 Gregory, Derek A Boating Trip Interspersed With Ruins: Imagined Geographies of Egypt (a)
Nov. 12 Margulis, Lynn GAIA: The Living Earth from Space (a)(v)
Nov. 19 Rees, Sir Martin J. Our Universe and Others (a)(v)
Nov. 26 Anderson, Robert Intervenors in Trouble: Communication in Conflict (a)
Dec. 3 Granatstein, Jack The Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior commanders in WWII (a)

Feb. 4 Conway, Jill Ker Getting to Know Canada (a)(v)
Feb. 11 Bateman, Robert An Evening With Robert Bateman: Artist and Environmentalist (a)(v)
Feb 18 Sinclair, Anthony Is Conservation a Lost Cause? From BC to Alberta (a)
Feb 25. Boadway, Robin Reforming Social Policy: Can the Federal Government Deliver? (a)
Mar 4 Ford, John Killer Societies: The Natural History and Culture of Killer Whales (a)(v)
Mar 11 Reid, Angus The Future of Canada and Quebec: Paths of Convergence or Divergence? (a)(v)
Mar 18 Thomas, Audrey An Evening With Audrey Thomas (a)
Mar 25 Simpson, Jeffrey Reflections on the United States (a)(v)
Apr 1 O'Brien, Conor Cruise Prospects for Peace in Ireland
Apr 8 Penrose, Roger The Emperor's New Mind Revisited (a)(v)
Sep. 30 Saddlemyer, Ann Out of a Medium's Mouth: W.B. Yeats and His Wife George Create a "Vision" (a)
Oct. 14 Colville, Alex Canadian Culture at the Millenium (a)(v)
Oct. 21 Butzer, Karl W. After 1492: Reflections on the Columbian Controversy (a)
Oct. 28 Bates, David Growth Without Air Pollution: Vancouver and Elsewhere (a)
Nov. 4 Klawe, Maria Is "Edutainment" an Oxymoron? (a)
Nov. 11 Head, Ivan Shaping Canada's Foreign Policy, 1968-84 (a)
Nov. 18 Grenier, Robert Red Bay: A 16th Century Basque Seafaring, Shipbuilding and Whaling Site in Labrador (a)
Nov. 25 Walters, Carl The Crisis in Canadian Fisheries (a)
Dec. 2 Tunnicliffe, Verena A Deep Sea Fantasy World (a)
Dec. 9 Newman, Peter C. The Canadian Revolution: From Deference to Defiance 1985-1995 (a)(v)

Jan. 27 Mustard, J. Fraser Prosperity or Decline: Canada's Choice (a)
Feb. 3 Evans, Robert G. Healthy, Wealthy and Cunning? Profit and Loss From Health Care Reform (a)
Feb. 10 Gagnon, Lysiane Between Two Referendums: The Future of Quebec and Canada (a)(v)
Feb. 17 Shaw, Patricia The Sounds of Silence: Endangered Languages (a)
Feb. 24 Hoffman, Roald One Culture: What Art and Science Have in Common (And How The Differ) (a)(v)
Mar 2 Campbell, Kim What's a Nice Country Like Us Doing in a Place Like This? (a)(v)
Mar 9 Williamson, Jeffrey G. Dealing With the Challenge of Globalization: The Long View (a)
Mar 16 Clegg, Stewart The Rhythm of the Saints (a)
Mar 23 Johns, Timothy Myrrh, Medicine and Maasai in the Land of Milk and Honey (a)
Mar 30 Falkowski, Paul Phytoplankton, Oil Futures and Global Climate Change (a)
Sep. 28 Tousignant, Guy Peacekeeping: Soldiers and Aid Workers - Partners Apart (a)
Oct. 5 Marchak, Pat Universities After a Millenium: Whither or Wither? (a)
Oct. 19 LaCapra, Dominick History and Memory: The Shadow of the Holocaust (a)
Oct. 26 Fujikura, Koichiro When Can We Return to the Earth? Japanese Pollution Experiences (a)
Nov. 2 Pratt, Mary An Evening With Mary Pratt (a)(v)
Nov. 9 Pateman, Carole Democratization: Questions for the Year 2000 (a)
Nov. 16 Nadel, Ira Leonard Cohen: "The Only Tourist in Havana" (a)
Nov. 23 Davis, Chuck Today, Vancouver; Tomorrow, Everything (a)
Nov. 30 Cairns, Alan Canada: Can We Survive? (a)

Jan. 25 Piper, Martha Brainpower: The New Natural Resource (a)(v)
Feb. 1 Harcourt, Michael Democracy in Peril (a)
Feb. 8 Richards, David Adams An Evening With David Adams Richards (a)
Feb. 15 Cynader, Max Brains, Genes and Society (a)
Feb. 22 Thom, Bing From the Ground Up: Designing and Building a New City in China (a)
Mar 1 Rotblat, Joseph How to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons (a)(v)
Mar 8 Eaves, Connie The Origin of Blood Cells: A Matter of Life and Death (a)
Mar 12 Drakulic, Slavenka Words and Bullets: A Writer and the War (a)(v)
Mar 15 Pollay, Richard A Pack of Lies: The Truth About Cigarette Advertising (a)(v)
Mar 22 Blundell, Richard Reforming Our Tax and Welfare System (a)
Apr 5 Borwein, Peter Newton On Line: The Electronic Revolution in Mathematics (a)
Apr 12 Fish, Stanley; Fekete, John Academic Freedom and the Inclusive University (a)(v)
Sep. 20 Thorsell, William Good News, Bad News: Power in Canadian Media and Politics (a)
Sep. 27 Messerli, Bruno Mountain Ecosystems: The Last Frontier (a)
Oct. 4 Atkinson, Anthony B. Can Welfare States Compete in a Global Economy? (a)
Oct. 18 Cuban, Larry What Are Good Schools and Why Are They So Hard To Get? (a)(v)
Oct. 25 Quayle, Moura Urban Countryside / Rural Metropolis (a)
Nov. 1 Dollimore, Jonathan From Homosexual to Bisexual: Erotic Dissonance at the End of the Century (a)(v)
Nov. 8 Kennedy, David M. Immigration: What the U.S. Can Learn From Canada (a)
Nov. 15 Arthurs, Harry Globalization and Its Discontents (a)
Nov. 22 Pullan, Bruce The Human Voice (a)
Nov. 29 Adam, Heribert Contradictions and Liberation: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in South Africa (a)
Dec. 6 Silverman, Robert On Performing Beethoven

Jan. 31 Baines, David Lambs to the Slaughter: The VSE and the Exploitation of Speculation (a)
Feb. 7 Choy, Wayson The Importance of Story: The Hunger for Personal Narrative (a)
Feb. 14 White, Richard History as the Enemy of Memory: An Anatomy of Remembering (a)
Feb. 28 Church, Michael A River in Time: The Natural History of the Fraser River (a)
Mar 7 Holsti, Kal War in the 20th Century: Can We Do Better in the 21st? (a)
Mar 14 Perl, Martin What Einstein Couldn't Have Known: Very Small Particles at Very High Densities (a)
Mar 21 Laiou, Angeliki E. Two Versions of Christian Warfare: The Crusade and the Byzantine Empire(a)
Mar 28 Coren, Stanley Dogs and People: The History and Psychology of a Relationship (a)(v)
Apr 4 Shields, Carol Making Words / Finding Stories (a)(v)
Sep. 26 King, Thomas A Wasted Evening With Thomas King (a)(v)
Oct. 3 Fussell, Paul The Poetry of Three Wars (WWI, WWII, and Vietnam) (a)
Oct. 17 Hudson, James Evaluation of Mother Nature's Antivirals: Traditional Medicine Meets Modern Science (a)
Oct. 24 Armstrong, Karen A History of God (a)(v)
Oct. 31 Chafe, William Feminism and Civil Rights: A Comparative Study of Social Movements (a)
Nov. 7 Latour, Bruno On Seeing Paris as a Whole: The Notion of Panopticon (a)(v)
Nov. 14 O'Riordan, Timothy Environmentalism is Dead: Long Live Sustainability (a)
Nov. 21 Cronon, William Rethinking the Foundations of Environmentalism (a)
Nov. 28 Saul, John Ralston Democracy and the Implications of Global Economics (a)(v)
Dec. 5 Anderson, Gail Murder and Maggots: The Use of Insects in Criminal Investigation (a)(v)

Jan. 30 Raduchel, William The Network Age, the Network Economy, and the Network Society (a)(v)
Feb. 6 Abella, Rosalie Human Rights and Women: A General Snapshot (a)(v)
Feb. 13 Krebs, Charles J. Lemmings and Snowshoe Hares (a)
Feb. 20 McGeer, Patrick; McGeer, Edith Prospects for Preventing Alzheimer's Disease (a)(v)
Feb. 27 Nash, Knowlton Trivia Pursuit (a)(v)
March 6 Hertzman, Clyde Why are Some Societies Healthier than Others? (a)
March 13 MacDonald, John Monitoring the World's Oceans from Space (a)
March 20 Coop, Jane Chopin and his Milieu: Antecedents and Consequences
March 27 Kaplan, Ann Multicultural Women's Films: Resisting Current Stereotypes (a)
April 10 Fallows, James How the Media Undermined Democracy (a)
Sept. 25 McKinney, Sam Our West Coast Heritage: Captains Cook, Vancouver, and Bligh (a)
Oct. 2 Lampe, John Crisis and Challenge in Southeast Europe: After the War in Kosovo (a)
Oct. 16 Eley, Geoff History and Cinema: Imagining Britain's Past (a)
Oct. 23 Muzyka, Daniel Building the Adaptive Corporation (a)(v)
Oct. 30 Preece, Rod Life in Harmony With Animals and Nature: Contemporary Cultural Myths (a)
Nov. 6 Pauly, Daniel Global Fisheries and Marine Conservation: Is Co-existence Possible? (a)(v)
Nov. 13 McDonald, Ian The Enigma of Multiple Sclerosis (a)(v)
Nov. 20 Ting, Sam The Search for Antimatter in the Universe (a)
Nov. 27 Bal, Mieke Performing Art: Images as Cultural Interventions (a)
Dec. 4 Kavanagh-Gray, Doris Coronary Heart Disease: Does Gender Make a Difference? (a)

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