Vancouver Institute Lectures -- 2000-2009

Date Speaker(s) Lecture Title

Jan. 22 Finlay, Brett Confronting the Microbe Menace (a)
Feb. 5 Duke, Daryl Redefining English Canada: The Failure of the Media (a)
Feb. 12 Winston, Mark Nature Wars: Pests vs. People (a)(v)
Feb. 19 Gowing, Nik Information in War and Emergencies: Who Really Commands the High Ground (a)(v)
Feb. 26 Valian, Virginia The Advancement of Women: Why So Slow? (a)
March 4 Rose, Brian New Excavations at Ancient Troy (a)
March 11 McLachlin, Beverly The Role of the Courts in a Modern Democracy (a)(v)
March 18 Kohn, Walter Through a Glass Darkly: A Physicist Looks at the Future (a)
March 25 Cameron, Silver Donald Energy, Environment and the Left (a)
April 1 Pollock, Sharon Will Theatre Survive? (a)
April 8 Hayden, Michael; van Ommen, Gert-Jan; Tsui, Lap-Chee; Collins, Francis
Panel discussion: The Human Genome Project: Where Do We Go From Here? (a)(v)
April 15 Stackhouse, John The End of Development (a)
Sept. 16 Simpson, Jeffrey Star-Spangled Canadians: Canadians Living the American Dream (a)(v)
Sept. 23 Kimura, Doreen Are Men's and Women's Brains Really Different?
Sept. 30 Bliss, Michael William Osler and the Canadian Tradition of Medical Excellence (a)
Oct. 14 Mansell, Alice Bio/Graphics: The Role of Technology in the Art of Story-Telling (a)
Oct. 21 Schaller, Jane G. World Hazards for Children: War and Civil Unrest (a)
Oct. 28 Homer-Dixon, Thomas The Ingenuity Gap: How Can We Solve the Problems of the Future? (a)
Nov. 4 Gitlin, Todd The Overloaded Self in a Jump-Cut Culture (a)
Nov. 18 Bresnick, Martin Bresnick After Blake: The Gates of Paradise (a)
Nov. 25 Marchak, Patricia "God's Assassins": A Dramatization (a)(v)
Dec. 2 Matthews, Jaymie The Search for Alien Worlds (a)
Dec. 9 Howe, Roger Chinese Excellence in Mathematics Teaching: Can We Match It In North America? (a)(v)

Jan. 20 Axworthy, Lloyd An Encounter With EMMA: The Case for Rethinking Security and State Sovereignty in the New Century (a)(v)
Jan. 27 Vanderhaeghe, Guy An Evening With Guy Vanderhaeghe (a)(v)
Feb. 3 Davis, Natalie Zemon Braided Histories: Jews, Africans and Slavery (a)
Feb. 10 Sande, Merle The Crisis in Infectious Diseases (a)(v)
Feb. 17 Kiczales, Gregor Programming: Poetry, Gears or Magic? (a)
Feb. 24 Humphrey, Elaine Discovering Microscopic Worlds (a)
March 3 Parsons, Tim Oceanography in the Service of Fisheries (a)(v)
March 10 Delgado, James P. Diving to the "Titanic" (a)(v)
March 17 Dretske, Fred Animal Minds (a)
March 24 Stevenson, Michael Politics and Education: Reflections on Current Dilemmas (a)
Sept. 29 Boraine, Alex Unmasked at Midnight: South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission(a)(v)
Oct. 13 Dyson, Freeman Davos Debates (a)(v)
Oct. 20 Hepburn, John Terra Incognita: Pathfinding in Science (a)
Oct. 27 Hansen, Mogens Herman Direct Democracy: Ancient and Modern (a)
Nov. 3 Coleman, Kathleen The Virtues of Violence: Gladiators, the Arena, and the Roman System of Values (a)
Nov.17 Rose, Steven Genetic Determinism: Life Beyond Genes (a)
Nov. 24 Dallaire, Romeo Is Conflict Resolution the New Peacekeeping? Are There Casualties Involved? (a)(v)
Dec. 1 Myers, Judith Insects as Friends and Foes (a)

Jan. 26 Dyson, George Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship (a)
Feb 2 Cochrane, Kevern What You Want is What You Get: A Fishy Look at the Limitations of Science (a)
Feb 9 Lavkulich, Les; Schreier, Hans Walkerton: Could It Happen Here? Need It Happen Here? (a)
March 2 McGrath, Patrick The Burden of Children's Pain (a)
March 9 Hancock, Bob New Approaches to Treating Infections (a)
March 16 Stanton, Domna A History of Censorship (originally scheduled as "The Nation As Its Others: Protestants and Women in the Age of Louis XIV") (a)
March 23 Richter, Burton Energy in the 21st Century (a)
April 6 Suzuki, David The Challenge of an Ecological Millennium: Setting the Bottom Line (a)(v)
April 13 Grace, Sherrill Ideas of North (a)
Sept. 28 Berger, Thomas One Man’s Justice: The Law and the Struggle for a Just Society (a)
Oct. 5 Broome, John Weighing Lives: The Value of Being Alive (a)
Oct. 19 Richards, Carol Maximizing Walking Capacity After Stroke (a)
Oct. 26 Guillet, James Plastics, Energy and Ecology (a)
Nov. 2 Burns, Peter The U.N. Committee Against Torture: From Pinochet to a Borderless World (a)
Nov. 9 Wachsmann, Shelley The Sea of Galilee Boat: An Extraordinary 2000-year-old Discovery (a)
Nov. 16 Snowman, Daniel Hitler's Emigres: The Cultural Impact on Britain of Refugees from Nazism (a)
Nov. 23 Echard, Sian The Once and Present King: Arthur, Medieval and Modern (a)
Nov. 30 Altieri, Miguel Fatal Harvest: Overcoming the Ecological Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture (a)

Jan. 18 Delgado, James Discovering Kubla Khan's Lost Fleet (a)(v)
Jan. 25 Wild, Nettie; Owen, Philip The Politics and Art of a Social Revolution (a)(v)
Feb. 1 Hermiston, Nancy My Favourite Ladies of the Stage: A Celebration of Great Female Personalities
Feb. 8 Hurwit, Jeff The Athenian Acropolis: The Uses of the Past (a)
Feb. 15 Peterson, Roy The Art of Political Cartooning (a)
Feb. 22 Hutcheon, Linda and Michael Beauty Is As Beauty Does: The Ethics and "Physick" of Opera(a)
March 1 Shotter, Alan The Life and Death of Stars (a)
March 8 Ostrom, Elinor Managing Resources in the Global Commons (a)
March 15 Rees, William Is Humanity Fatally Successful? (a)
March 29 Frost, Peter Toxic Emotions at Work (a)
April 5 Gass, Lee A Decade of Innovation in Science Education (a)
Sept. 27 McKibben, William Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age (a)
Oct. 4 Durbach, Errol The Theatre Experience: or, why do we enjoy watching real people counterfeiting fictional people? (a)
Oct. 18 Eakin, John What Are We Reading When We Read Autobiography? (a)
Oct. 25 Stuart, Gavin Lessons Learned From Cancer Control For the Health Care System (a)
Nov. 1 Marra, Marco Genomics Research in British Columbia (a)
Nov. 8 Tippett, Maria Bill Reid: The Making of a Reputation (a)(v)
Nov. 15 Wieman, Carl Bose-Einstein condensation: quantum weirdness at the lowest temperature in the universe (a)
Nov. 22 Cronk, Quentin The Thin Green Line: Plants and the Future of Humanity (a)
Nov. 29 Schlesinger, Joe Canada Through a Looking Glass (a)(v)
Dec. 6 Phillips, Jim Murdering Holiness (a)
Dec. 13 Helliwell, John F. Globalization and Well-being (a)


Jan. 31 Rose, Brian The Greeks in Afghanistan and Persia (a)
Feb. 7 Fulton, Jim Climate Chaos (a)
Feb. 21 Kurland, Geoffrey My Own Medicine: A Doctor's Life As a Patient (a)
Feb. 28 Nadel, Ira Picturing Poets and Eyeing Pound (a)
Mar. 6 Magness, Jodi The Dead Sea Scrolls (a)
Mar. 13 Finlay, Brett; Patrick, David Dealing With SARS (a)(v)
Mar. 20 Yorsh, Ralph Medical Hypnosis in the 21st Century: What Can It Do For You? (a)
Mar. 27 Norris, David Owen What's the Point of Classical Music? (a)(v)
Apr. 3 Wachsmann, Shelly In Search of Darius' Lost 492 BC Fleet (a)(v)
Sept. 18 Bakan, Joel The Corporation (a)(v)
Sept. 25 Deverell, William Obscenity, Hate and Artistic Freedom (a)
Oct. 2 Oliver, Kelly Conflicted Love: Why We Feel So Unloved and Unlovable (a)
Oct. 16 Myers, Ransom Consequences of Global Overexploitation of Fisheries (a)
Oct. 23 Guha, Ramachandra Arguments with Gandhi: In His Times and Ours (a)
Oct. 30 Gleave, Martin From Mice to Men: Translating Discoveries in Prostate Cancer Research Into Improved Patient Care (a)
Nov. 8 Blix, Hans Weapons of Mass Destruction: Lessons from Iraq (v)
Nov. 13 Oleson, John Ancient Humayma: Water and Society in the Jordanian Desert (a)
Nov. 20 Ruth, Thomas J. A Needle in a Haystack: The Science of Radiotracers (a)
Nov. 27 Wallerstein, Immanuel Whose Right to Intervene? From the "Discovery" of America to Today (a)
Dec. 4 Tarrant, David Chasing Spring Around the World (a)


Jan. 22 Butala, Sharon What Makes a Westerner (a)
Jan. 29 Ryneveld, Dirk The Milosevic Trial — An Update on the Ongoing Saga (a)
Feb. 3 Toope, Stephen J. The Fate of the Disappeared: Addressing a Human Security Crisis (a)(v)
Feb. 12 Jackson, D.D. Can Jazz Be Classical?
Feb. 22 Choegyal, Tendzin Personal Transformation (a)(v)
Feb. 26 Rotroff, Susan New Light on an Old Agora: Excavations in Athens' Civic Centre (a)
Mar. 5 Daniel, Sir John Education for Development: Can Technology Help? (a)
Mar. 12 Cynader, Max The Aging Brain (a)
Mar. 19 Keppie, Lawrence The Romans in Scotland: Their Far Frontier (a)
Apr. 2 Cahill, James Chinese Painting: The Realities Behind the Ideals (a)
Apr. 16 Barish, Barry An Einstein Celebration: Albert Einstein's Legacy - Our Best Description of the Universe (a)
Sept. 24 Adam, Heribert Mandela's Legacy: Reconciliation Between Israelis and Palestinians?(a)
Oct. 1 MacMillan, Margaret Lessons of History: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 (a)(v)
Oct. 15 Buechner, Sara Davis Piano Music and the Movies
Oct. 22 Will, Pierre-Etienne Democracy, Human Rights, and the Chinese Political Tradition (a)
Oct. 29 Bowie, William Emerging Epidemics and Pandemics: Are They Inevitable and Catastrophic? (a)
Nov. 5 Barnes, Tim Render Unto Caesar? Early Christianity and the Roman Empire (a)
Nov. 12 Geddes, Gary The Search for an Asian Marco Polo (a)
Nov. 19 Wright, Ronald The Traps of Progress (a)(v)
Nov. 26 Connelly, Karen Writing "The Lizard Cage" (a)


Jan. 14 Adams, Michael Fire, Ice and American Backlash: Social Change Above the Rio Grande(a)
Jan. 21 Delgado, James Gold Rush Pompeii: The Buried Waterfront and Lost Ships of Early San Francisco (a)
Jan. 28 Byers, Michael On Thinning Ice: Challenges to Canadian Sovereignty in the Northwest Passage (a)
Feb. 4 Sullivan, Françoise; L'Écuyer, Sylvia A Conversation With Françoise Sullivan (a)
Feb. 11 Milne, Andy An Evening With Andy Milne: Lecture and Performance
Feb. 25 Osiel, Mark International Law at the Crossroads: How Exaggerated Hopes Produce Exaggerated Despair (a)
March 4 Lucht, Bernie The Best Ideas You'll Hear Tonight (a)(v)
March 11 Robinson, John Accelerating Sustainability in British Columbia (a)
March 18 Coren, Stanley How Dogs Think (a)
March 25 Jasanoff, Sheila Governing Life: The Comparative Politics of Biotechnology (a)
April 1 Gross, David The Future of Physics: What We Don't Know (a)(v)
April 8 Littman, Robert Moses: Myth, Archeology and History (a)
Sept. 16 Camp, John Old and New in the Agora of Athens, Birthplace of Democracy (a)(v)
Sept. 23 Acemoglu, Daron Rethinking the Wealth of Nations
Sept. 30 Horner, Jack How To Recreate a Living, Breathing Dinosaur (a)(v)
Oct. 14 Toope, Stephen International Law and Global Citizens (a)(v)
Oct. 21 Levi, Mario Istanbul: Difference and Coexistence; The Soul of a City (a)(v)
Oct. 28 Mayberg, Helen Paths to Recovery: The Role of Brain Imaging in the Development of New Treatments For Depression (a)(v)
Nov. 4 Silverman, Robert Why I Play Mozart On a Real Piano: Lecture and Recital in Celebration of Mozart's 250th Anniversary (a)(v)
Nov. 18 Boyd, Neil Controlling Legal and Illegal Drugs: Challenges for the 21st Century (a)(v)
Nov. 25 Hannesson, Rognvaldur The World's Fisheries: A Source of Trouble or a Source of Wealth? (a)(v)


Jan. 20 Sweet, David Crime Scene Investigation: Identifying Victims and Perpetrators Using New Forensic Science Methods (a)(v)
Jan. 27 Harris, Cole Colonialism and Its Consequences: Creating and Solving the Native Land Question (a)(v)
Feb. 3 Groening, Gert Gardens as Elements of an Urbanizing World (a)(v)
Feb. 10 Jaccard, Mark Fossil Fuels: Friend or Foe? (a)(v)
Feb. 24 Greenstock, Sir Jeremy Globalization or Polarization: Where is the World Heading? (a)(v)
March 3 Pettit, Philip Democracy: Fashions, Failures, and Fantasies (a)(v)
March 10 Pauly, Daniel Global Fisheries: Are the Gloom and Doom Justified? (a)(v)
March 17 McGeer, Patrick L. Can We Eliminate Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias? (a)(v)
March 24 Greenfield, Baroness Susan Tomorrow's People: How 21st Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think and Feel (a)(v)
March 31 Gaze, Christopher The Bard In Vancouver: A National Treasure (a)(v)
April 14 Paterson, Matthew Moving the Earth: Car Culture and Global Environmental Politics (a)(v)
Sept. 15 Welsh, Jennifer Canada's Foreign Policy: Do Citizens Have a Say? (a)(v)
Sept. 22 Williams, Hector Excavations in Arcadia: Uncovering Ancient Stymphalos (a)(v)
Sept. 29 Pound, Richard Human Athletes or Chemical Stockpiles? Doping in Sport (a)(v)
Oct. 13 Sachs, Harvey The Toscanini Letters: A Musician Looks at his World (a)(v)
Oct. 20 Packer, Craig Why the Lion is Disappearing from Africa (a)(v)
Oct. 27 Joya, Malalai Warlords, Women's Rights and Foreign Troops: An Afghan Experience (a)(v)
Nov. 3 Schindler, David A Life with Pesticides (a)(v)
Nov. 17 Majeski, Stephen Clients, Enemies, and Empire (a)(v)
Nov. 24 Rogers, Garry The Earthquake Threat to British Columbia (a)(v)
Dec. 1 Danielson, Dennis From Copernicus to E.T. and Why it Matters (a)(v)


Jan. 12 Tovey, Bramwell An Evening With Bramwell Tovey (a)(v)
Jan. 19 Byers, Michael Transferring to Torture: Canada, Human Rights, and Detainees (a)(v)
Jan. 26 Turner, Nancy The Song of the Salmonberry Bird: Why Diversity Matters in Nature and Culture (a)(v)
Feb. 2 Quraishi, Asifa Islamic Law, Women, and the Headlines: A Commentary (a)(v)
Feb. 9 Gibson, William An Evening With William Gibson (a)(v)
Feb. 23 Brook, Tim Vermeer's Hat: What 17th Century Dutch Paintings Reveal of Our Global World (a)(v)
March 1 Suzuki, David Sustainability: What is it? (a)(v)
March 8 Akerlof, George Economics and Identity: Moving Beyond the Doctrine of Selfishness (a)(v)
March 14 Yunus, Mohammad [Michael Smith Memorial Nobel Lecture]
March 29 Steyn, Douw Air Pollution: How We Treat the Atmosphere Like a Sewer (a)(v)
Sept. 27 Pinker, Steven The Stuff of Thought: Language As a Window Into Human Nature (a)(v)
Oct. 18 McDonald, Art How To Tell a Neutrino From a Hole In the Ground (a)(v)
Oct. 25 Marchak, Pat No Easy Fix: Global Responses to Crimes Against Humanity (a)(v)
Nov. 1 Galloway, Steven An Evening With Steven Galloway (a)(v)
Nov. 8 Lefebvre, Louis Variation On a Gene: The Advent of Epigenetics (a)
Nov. 15 MacDonald, John S. Energy in the 21st Century (a)(v)
Nov. 22 Tenzer, Michael Indonesia's Gamelan Music -- Lecture and Performance (a)(v)
Nov. 29 Clarke, Peter The Two Careers of Winston S. Churchill (a)(v)

Jan. 31 Delgado, James The Great Museum Beneath the Sea: A Global Tour of Some of History's Greatest Shipwrecks (a)(v)
Feb. 7 Stallman, Richard Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks (a)(v)
Feb. 14 Gerges, Fawaz Inside Al Qaeda: A Crisis of Authority and Legitimacy (a) (v)
Feb. 21 Angell, Marcia Health Care: A Tale of Two Countries (a) (v)
Feb. 28 Wright, Ronald What is America? (a) (v)
March 7 Schindler, David The Environmental Impacts of Exploiting the Alberta Tar Sands (a) (v)
March 14 Evans, Robert Sustainable Transportation: How B.C. Can Be a Showcase For the New Electricity Economy (a) (v)
March 21 Bearman, Peter Understanding the Increased Prevalence of Autism (a)(v)
March 28 Hare, Robert Psychopathy: A Journey to the Dark Side? (a) (v)
April 4 Jordanova, Ludmilla Portraiture and Identity (a) (v)
Sept. 19 Fisher, Nigel Pandemics, Poverty, and Children (a) (v)
Sept. 26 Lockyer, Nigel Quarks, Isotopes and the Future of Subatomic Physics (a) (v)
Oct. 3 Jencks, Charles The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Nature Talking to Nature (a) (v)
Oct. 17 Rosenzweig, Mark The International Flow of Migrants: Causes and Consequences (a)
Oct. 24 Gilman, Sander Why Don't We Trust Our Food? Obesity and Infection Today (a) (v)
Oct. 31 de Chastelain, John The Northern Ireland Peace Process 1994–2009: Is It Working? (a) (v)
Nov. 7 Brandon, Laura What Is War Art? (a) (v)
Nov. 14 McNaughton, Bruce Memories and Sleep: The Trace Reactivation Theory of Memory Consolidation (a) (v)
Nov. 21 Safdie, Moshe Megascale, Order and Complexity (a) (v)
Nov. 28 Gillett, Grant Neuroethics and Human Identity (a) (v)

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