Vancouver Institute Lectures -- 2010-2019

Date Speaker(s) Lecture Title

Jan. 23 Thomson, James Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (a)(v)
Jan. 30 Miller, Steve A Rival to the Olympics: Excavating Ancient Nemea and Reviving the Nemean Games (a)(v)
Feb. 6 Lyon, Annabel An Evening With Annabel Lyon (a)(v)
March 6 Trites, Andrew Journey of the Blue Whale (a)(v)
March 13 Kidd, Bruce Sport and Legacy/Sustainability (v)
March 20 Borealis String Quartet Lecture and performance (a)(v)
March 27 Paris, Erna The Writer and Human Rights (a)(v)
April 10 Pedersen, Tom Responding to Global Warming: The Challenge, the Opportunity, & the Politics (a)(v)
April 17 Wallace, Doug
Human Mitochondria: Window Into Our Origins, Ailments, and Longevity (a)(v)
April 24 Provost, Rene Waltzing With al-Bashir: Juggling Peace and Justice in Darfur (a) (v)
Sept. 18 Dyer, Gwynne Geopolitics in a Hotter World (a)(v)
Sept. 25 Baines, David Securities Fraud: How Crooks Rip Off the Public, How Professionals Facilitate Their Crimes, and How Regulators and Police Let Them Get Away With It (a)(v)
Oct. 2 Elvin-Lewis, Memory Healing From Rain Forests: The Value of Traditional Knowledge (a)(v)
Oct. 16 Olivieri, Nancy Medicine, Morals, and Money (a)
Oct. 23 Fowler, Robert Sleeping With Al Qaeda (a)
Oct. 30 Lollar, Barbara Sherwood Can Carbon Capture and Storage Solve Global Climate Change? Lessons From Nature (a)(v)
Nov. 6 Klein, Peter Digital Dumping Ground: The Global Trade in Electronic Waste (a)(v)
Nov. 8 Moyo, Dambisa Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way For Africa
Nov. 13 Blum, Deborah Cocktails and Cyanide (a)(v)
Nov. 20 Timmer, Peter Local Food – Global Food: The Future of Food Security (a)(v)
Nov. 27 Coren, Stanley The Human-Animal Bond: Our History With Dogs (a)(v)
Dec. 4 Graham, Ronald Searching For the Shortest Network: Hard Problems, Communication Networks, VLSI Design and Molecular Phylogenetics

Jan. 15 Villard, Ray When Will We Find Earth II—the First Inhabited Extrasolar Planet? (a) (v)
Jan. 22 Goudie, Andrew Desert Dust and the World’s Environments (a) (v)
Jan. 29 Davies, Julian Are We Going Back to the Pre-antibiotic Era? (a) (v)
Feb. 5 Alexander, Bruce Addiction: Much More Than a Drug Problem (a) (v)
Feb. 12 Martin, Lawrence The Decline and Fall of Canadian Democracy (a) (v)
Feb. 26 Morris, Ian Why the West Rules—For Now (a) (v)
March 5 Grace, Sherrill The Haunting of Canadian Culture: From the Ghost of Tom Thompson to the Ghosts of Vimy Ridge (a) (v)
March 19 Dodds, Jerrilynn Meaning and Identity of the Destructions of Architecture: From the Parthenon to the World Trade Center (a) (v)
March 26 Averill, Gage Prodigal Music: Repatriating the "Alan Lomax in Haiti, 1936-37" Collection toHaiti -- Lecture with Music (a)(v)
April 2 Thom, Bing The Transformative Power of Architecture: The Works of Bing Thom (a) (v)
April 9 McKibben, William Eaarth: Making a Life On a Tough New Planet (a) (v)
Sept. 24 Weaver, Andrew Generation Us: The Challenge of Global Warming (a) (v)
Oct. 1 Bakan, Joel Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children (a) (v)
Oct. 15 Emmerson, Charles Canada and the Geopolitics of Oil and Gas (a) (v)
Oct. 22 Turpel-Lafond, Mary Ellen Who Speaks for the Child? The Role of a Public Advocate (a) (v)
Oct. 29 Saliba, George What Did Galileo Know of Arabic/Islamic Science and How Did He Know It? (a) (v)
Nov. 5 Coyne, Andrew Democracy and Freedom: Strange Bedfellows (a)(v)
Nov. 12 Trites, Andrew The Puzzling Disappearance of Sea Lions in Alaska: Is the North Pacific Ecosystem on the Verge of Collapse? (a) (v)
Nov. 19 Farrer, Matthew Genetics of Parkinson Disease: Paradigm Shifts and Future Prospects (a) (v)
Nov. 26 Silverman, Robert Hammering the Klavier: Beethoven's Earthshaking and Bone-crushing Masterpiece (a) (v)

Jan. 28 Churchland, Patricia Morality and the Brain (a) (v)
Feb. 4 Sharpe, Ken Practical Wisdom: The Right Way To Do the Right Thing (a) (v)
Feb. 11 Grunsfeld, John A Hubble Adventure: Repairing the Telescope and Its Exciting New Discoveries (a) (v)
Feb. 25 Krauss, Lawrence Life, the Universe, and Nothing: A Cosmic Mystery Story (a) (v)
March 3 Hay, Elizabeth The Writer as Returned Traveller (a) (v)
March 10 Dauvergne, Peter The Big Brand Takeover of Sustainability (a) (v)
March 17 Morton, Alexandra If We Want Wild Salmon, It Is Up To Us (a) (v)
March 24 Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew Herculaneum: From Ashes to Ashes (a) (v)
March 31 Ward, Stephen Media Ethics on the Digital Frontier (a) (v)
Sept. 29 Simpson, Jeffrey Chronic Condition: Dragging Canadian Health Care Into the 21st Century (a) (v)
Oct. 13 McArthur, John Millenium Development Goals: Lessons for the Next Generation (a) (v)
Oct. 20 Horne, Matthew, et. al. B.C.'s Energy Policy: A Solution or a Problem? (a) (v)
Oct. 27 Hébert, Chantal French Kiss: The Quebec Factor in Federal Politics (a) (v)
Nov. 3 Otto, Sarah The Evolution and Loss of Biological Diversity (a) (v)
Nov. 17 Rawlins, Nicholas Pain, the Brain and Decisions (a) (v)
Nov. 24 Wasserman, Jerry Being at Home With Elvis: Canadian Theatre and American Power (a) (v)
Dec. 1 Flanagan, Thomas Harper's Team: Behind the Scenes in the Conservative Rise to Power (a) (v)

Jan. 26 Groopman, Jerome; Hartzband, Pamela When Experts Disagree: The Art of Medical Decision Making (a)
Feb. 9 Blom, Philip The Forgotten Enlightenment -- Radical Humanism in the 21st Century (a) (v)
Feb. 23 Ruggie, John Just Business: Multinational Corporations and Human Rights (v)
March 2 Slingerland, Edward Do We Really Live in a Secular Age? (v)
March 16 Canseco, Mario The Challenges of Conducting Sound Public Opinion Research (v)
March 23 Grafton, Anthony How Jesus Celebrated Passover: The Renaissance Discovery of the Jewish Roots of Christianity (v)
April 6 Wilson, Roger Luxury Living in Late Roman Sicily: The Villa Near Piazza Armerina and its Context (v)
April 13 Coop, Jane Johannes Brahms: Some Personal Discoveries - Musical Lecture (v)
Sept. 21 Nutt, Samantha Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid
Sept. 28 Van Tilburg, Jo Anne The Mystery of Easter Island (v)
Oct. 5 Grace, John Should We, and Can We, Phase Out Canada's Oil Sands?
Oct. 19 Fallis, Terry Momus in Ottawa: Satire and the Search for Honesty in Politics (v)
Oct. 26 McDonald, Marci Religion and Politics: Is Canada Becoming More Like the United States? (v)
Nov. 2 Deibert, Ron Under Cover of the Net: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Dark Side of Cyberspace (v)
Nov. 9 Cashman, Neil Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Distorted Origami of Protein Misfolding (v)
Nov. 16 Janigan, Mary Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark (v)
Nov. 23 Mazzetti, Mark America’s Shadow War (v)
Nov. 30 Himelfarb, Alex Tax Isn't a Four-letter Word (v)

Jan. 18 Davis, Wade The Sacred Headwaters: The Fight to Save the Stikine, Skeena and Nass (v)
Jan. 25 Kessler, David A. The End of Overeating
Feb.1 Raduchel, William Will Technology Save Us or Doom Us? (v)
Feb. 8 Meany, Michael Is Adult Behaviour Determined Early In Life? The Mystery of Epigenetics
Feb. 15 Rennie, Bob Why Collect Art? Who Cares? (v)
March 1 Connelly, Joan The Parthenon Enigma: A New Understanding of Greece’s Most Iconic Building (v)
March 8 MacLachlan, Mark Bug Shells and Butterfly Wings: New Materials Inspired by Nature (v)
March 15 Carnes, Molly Why Are John and David More Likelyto Become Department Chair than Joan or Jamal? (v)
March 22 MacDonald, Eric Crimes Against Humanity in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Challenges of Investigating and Prosecuting Cases Beforethe International Criminal Court (v)
March 29 Sumaila, Rashid The Sustainability of the Global Ocean (v)
Oct. 4 Mukherjee, Siddharta The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer (v)
Oct. 18 Bernier, Marc-Andre Diving Into Canada's History: 50 Years of Underwater Archaeology at Parks Canada (v)
Oct. 25 Gupta, Arvind An Evening With UBC's 13th President (v)
Oct. 26 Klein, Naomi This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Nov. 1 Townsend-Gault, Charlotte; Kramer, Jennifer; Ḳi-ḳe-in Native Art of the Northwest Coast: A History of Changing Ideas (v)
Nov. 8 Nolen, Stephanie The Change We Seek – Why Some CountriesMake Real Progress on Inequality (v)
Nov. 15 Keohane, Robert Anti-Americanism or Fear of Impingement? Evidence from the Arabic Twitter Universe (v)
Nov. 22 Ando, Clifford The Long Defeat and Fall of the Roman Empirein the East and the West (v)
Nov. 29 Turner, Chris How to Breathe Underwater: Innovation in an Age of Radical Change (v)

Jan. 24 Mora, Alberto J. On Cruelty: Costs and Consequences of America’s Use of Torture as a Weapon of War (v)
Jan. 31 Bromley, Daniel The Arab World in Disarray: Reasons, Reactions, Resolutions (v)
Feb. 7 Eng, Janice Stroke – New Evidence on Prevention and Recovery (v)
Feb. 21 Boyden, Joseph The Orenda, Writing, and Approaching First Nations Issues in Canada (v)
Feb. 28 Epp, Richard; The UBC Opera Singers Opera Comes to the Institute: From Mozart to Verdi! (v)
March 7 Toews, Miriam All My Puny Sorrows (v)
March 14 Hedley, Nick Connecting Science, Citizens and Riskat the Intersection of Reality and Virtuality (v)
March 21 Audain, Michael The Art of Collecting. Encounters With Visual Art (v)
March 28 Austermuhle, Stefan Traveling With Dolphin Killers – What I Learned Working Undercover (v)
Sept. 26 Wright, Ronald The Gold Eaters (v)
Oct. 3 Smil, Vaclav Energy and the Environment: Dangerous Myths and Hard Realities
Oct. 17 Watt-Cloutier, Sheila The Right to be Cold - One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic, and the Whole Planet (v)
Oct. 24 Berdahl, Jennifer Gender and Diversity In Organizations: From Fixing the Women to Liberating the Men (v)
Oct. 31 Fahmy, Mohammed Mohamed Fahmy (v)
Nov. 7 Stein, Janice The Middle East In Flames: The Drive for Purification (v)
Nov. 14 Taylor, Patrick An Evening With an Irish Country Doctor (v)
Nov. 21 Turok, Neil The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything (v)
Nov. 28 Manning, Preston Reforming Canadian Democracy: looking Back and Looking Ahead (v)

Jan. 16 Goldman, Brian Disrupt Me + Engage You: The Health Care Revolution (v)
Jan. 23 Peacock, Simon Magnitude 9 Earthquakes: Japan (Tohuku) in 2011 and Cascadia (British Columbia to California) in 2xxx? (v)
Jan. 30 Revkin, Andrew An Inconvenient Mind - The Climate Challenge Within, and What To Do About It (v)
Feb. 6 Cahill, Nick City of Gold: Excavations at Ancient Sardis, Turkey (v)
Feb. 20 Hoffman, Jennifer Building Quantum Materials, One Atomic Layer at a Time (v)
Feb. 27 Dirlik, Arif The Rise of China and the End of the World As We Know It (v)
March 5 Marra, Marco At the Frontier of Genetic Research: Recent Advances and Future Possibilities (v)
March 12 King, Turi Richard III: The Resolution of a 500-Year-Old Cold Case (v)
March 19 Luhrmann, Tanya When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Experience of God (v)
April 2 Hansen, Valerie The Interconnected World of the Year 1000 (v)
April 9 Charon, Rita The Power of Narrative Medicine: Helping Clinicians Understand What Patients Are Telling Them (v)
Sept. 16 Logan, Lara The Future of National Security in the Age of ISIS (v)
Sept. 24 Chrustie, Calvin Transnational Organized Crime: Are we on the Titanic? (v)
Oct. 1 Kirkwood, Tom Why and How Are We Living Longer? (v)
Oct. 15 von Hippel, Frank Threats from Nuclear Weapons and Materials (v)
Oct. 22 Ruppel Shell, Ellen Cheap: The high cost of discount culture (v)
Oct. 29 Finlay, Brett Let Them Eat Dirt: Raising children with their microbes (v)
Nov. 5 Ono, Santa An Evening with Dr. Santa Ono, UBC's 15th President (v)
Nov. 12 Robinson, Walter Spotlight on the Church: How sex abuse went unnoticed for so long and what it took to expose it (v)
Nov. 19 Averill, Gage That Old Quartet of Mine: Barbershop harmony, race, and nostalgia (v)
Nov. 26 Campbell, Deborah A Disappearance in Damascus (v)
Dec. 3 Winston, Mark Bee Time: What Can We Learn from the Demise of Bees? (v)


Jan. 28 Patterson, Kevin War Stories We Tell Ourselves: Infotainment and conflicy in the post-fact era (v)
Feb. 4 Gessen, Masha Vladimir Putin's Russia (v)
Feb. 11 Yan, Andy Hot, Uneven, and Connected: Urban planning in Metro Vancouver's latest global age (v)
Feb. 25 Hancock, Robert Antibiotic Resistance: Why antibiotics fail and new ways of overcoming difficult infections (v)
March 4 Lievesley, Denise Measuring the World: Should we trust statistics? (v)
March 11 Stirling, Ian The Natural History of Polar Bears and the Threat of Climate Warming (v)
March 18 Hansen, James Global Climate Change: Can the next generation avert a catastrophe? (v)
March 25 Welsh, Jennifer The Decline of the West: Geopolitics in the 21st Century (v)
April 1 Hill, Lawrence Crossing Seas: Refugees in the world and in the imagination (v)
Sept. 30 Hermiston, Nancy, and the UBC Opera Chorus An Evening of Opera (v)
Oct. 14 MacMillan, Margaret The Meaning of the Great War (v)
Oct. 21 Nightingale, John Oceans In Peril: Plastics and the destruction of our marine plant environment (v)
Oct. 28 Lewis-Jones, Huw The Art of Discovery: How explorers' sketchbooks transformed our view of the world (v)
Nov. 4 Feinstein, Andrew The Shadow World: Inside the global arms trade (v)
Nov. 18 Gosden, Chris 30,000 Years of Magic: Why magic is still relevant today (v)
Nov. 25 Tortell, Philippe Ships, Satellites, and Social Media: How we understand Arctic climate change (v)
Dec. 2 Doyle, Michael Crossing Borders In a Globalized World: A new treaty for migrants and refugees (v)

Jan. 27 Khapalak, Ruhullah Afghanistan Up Close & From Afar : An Afghan journalist reports for the New York Times
Feb. 3 Tobias, Janet Unseen Enemy : the risks of a global pandemic and how to prevent it (v)
Feb. 10 Aparicito, Samuel Defeating the Evolution of Cancer : measurements, mathematics, and lessons from microbes (v)
Feb. 24 Klein, Peter W. Risk To Democracy: When the fourth estate comes under attack (v)
March 3 McDonald, David Making Russia Great Again: Putin and the roots of the new global populism (v)
March 10 Jones, Ann The Democracy Spectrum: From Norway to the U.S. to Afghanistan (v)
March 17 Cline, Eric 1177 B.C.: The year civilization collapsed (v)
March 24 Nasar, Sylvia Economic Inequality In America: Facts, fiction, and how to tell the difference (v)
April 7 Gilman, Sander Stand Up Straight!: Our posture and how history shapes our anatomy (v)
June 11 Frum, David Trumpocracy: a conversation with David Frum (v)
Sept. 29 Ono, Santa J. The Art of the Cello: Recital and lecture (v)
Oct. 13 Porter, Anna The Ghosts of Europe: The return of tyranny, nationalism, racism and denial to Central Europe (v)
Oct. 20 Levitsky, Steven How Democracies Die (v)
Oct. 27 Dickersin, Kay Evidence in Medicine: What is it? How do we determine it? And how do we use it to help shape better outcomes? (v)
Nov. 10 Davis, Wade Of War and Remembrance: Canada and the Great War (v)
Nov. 17 Point, Steven Reconciliation Begins With You (v)
Nov. 24 Foster, Leonard Are Bees Really Dying? Are We the Cause or the Solution? (v)
Dec. 1 Weber, Andrej Climate Change and Problem Solving Amongst Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers: A case study from Lake Baikal (v)

Jan. 26 Khan, Ausma Zehanat How Literature Can Promote Intercultural Understanding: Marginalized Voices Speak Back
Feb. 2 Wadman, Meredith The Vaccine Race: An astonishing history and a challenging present (v)
Feb. 9 Silverman, Robert An Evening of Chopin (v)
Feb. 23 Tolstoy, Maya The Secret Lives of Deep-Sea Volcanoes (v)
March 2 Cameron, Maxwell A. Civility and Partisanship: How We Can Train Future Politicians (v)
March 9 Owen, Taylor What's Behind the Techlash? How Silicon Valley Went from Disruptive Innovation To Undermining Democracy (And What To Do About It) (v)
March 16 Off, Carol An Evening With Carol Off (v)
March 23 Kelsey, Elin A Cure for Environmental Doom And Gloom (v)
March 30 Oliver, Kelly Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from The Hunger Games to Campus Rape
Sept. 28 Arbour, Louise Human Rights and the Rule of Law
Oct. 10 Tyndall, Mark Prohibition, Politics and Neglect: The Making of a Drug Overdose Crisis in Canada
Oct. 19 Talaga, Tanya Rights Before We Talk Reconciliation: The Reality of Canada's Relationship with Indigenous People
Oct. 26 Ono, Santa J.; Ono, Momoro Cello and Piano Recital (v)
Nov. 2 Picard, André Quirky Past, Uncertain Future: A Prescription for Treating Canada's Aging Medicare System (v)
Nov. 9 McIntyre, Scott The Art of the Impossible: A Life in Canadian Publishing (v)
Nov. 16 Corrales, Javier Right-Wing vs Left-Wing Populism: Lessons from Venezuela and the US (v)
Nov. 23 Butler, Robert The Society of Crows (v)
Nov. 30
Cooper, Lisa Gertrude Bell in Focus: Exploring and Photographing the Middle East, Past and Present (v)

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