Vancouver Institute Lectures -- 2020-

Date Speaker(s) Lecture Title

Jan. 25 Levitin, Daniel J. Successful Aging: The neuroscience of the new longevity
Feb. 1 Porter, Catherine Breaking the Rule of Objectivity: A journalist in Haiti (v)
Feb. 8 Hinshaw, Gary What Is the Universe Made Of? Mapping the universe with Chime (v)
Feb. 22 Kalla, Daniel Plagues... Then and Now (v)
Feb. 29 Weir, Ian Adventures In the Storytelling Trade: Truthiness in an age of myth
March 7 Hayter-Menzies, Grant In Search of Emily Carr's Woo: Monkey, muse, mystery
March 14 Gillmor, Don Why are Baby-Boomers Killing Themselves? A look at the growing suicide rate. ***cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic***
Oct. 17 Homer-Dixon, Thomas Commanding Hope: The power we have to safeguard a world in peril (v)
(re-scheduled from March 28)
Oct. 24 Gustafson, Reka Living With COVID-19: The long game (v)
Oct. 31 Bakan, Joel The New Corporation: How "good" corporations are bad for democracy (v)
Nov. 7 Penninger, Josef From Discovery to Application : ACE2 as a rational therapy for COVID-19 (v)
Nov. 14 Johnson, Catherine The InSight Mission to Mars: Getting to the heart of Mars (v)
Nov. 21 Milroy, Sarah
Uninvited : Canadian women artists in the modern moment (v)
Nov. 28 Geist, Michael Is Canada paying the price for not having a robust privacy framework? (v)

Jan. 30 Hansen, Richard D. The Cultural and Natural Legacy in the Cradle of Maya Civilization : The Mirador-Calakmul Basin of Guatemala and Mexico (v)
Feb. 6 Wolf, Maryanne Deep Reading, Critical Thinking, and Empathy in the Age of COVID: A digital dilemma (v)
Feb. 20 Boyd, Lara Brain Health and the Arts(v)
Feb. 27 Rossant, Janet Stem Cells, Gene Editing, and Regenerative Medicine: Where are we heading?(v)
March 6 Evans, Paul Difficult Times, Hard Choices : Canada and China (v)
March 13 Bilott, Robert Uncovering Global "Forever Chemical" Contamination: Legal, regulatory, and scientific challenges
March 20 Reder, Deanna Indigenous Perspectives of History: Story as a repository (v)
March 27 Hermiston, Nancy An Evening with the UBC Opera Ensemble (v)
April 10 Finlay, Brett and Jessica Baby Bugs to Aging Bugs: Exploring the microbes pivotal to a healthy long life (v) (re-scheduled from March 21, 2020)
Sept. 25 Lederman, Marsha The Arts in the Time of COVID (v)
Oct. 2 Jaccard, Mark How to Achieve Climate Success (v)
Oct. 16 Lee, Jen Sookfong How Pop Culture Ghosted Asian Women (v)
Oct. 23 MacIntyre, Linden When the Medium is the Memory: The genesis of books (v)
Nov. 6 Grace, Sherrill The Art of Biography: Finding Timothy Findley (v)
Nov. 13 Manthorpe, Jonathan Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence (v)
Nov. 20 Sumaila, Rashid Infinity Fish: Economics and the future of fish and fisheries (v)
Nov. 27 Ballem, Penny Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe: Leading in the time of COVID


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