Portrait of Queen ElizabethRoyal Visit - 1951Golden Jubilee emblem

President Mackenzie leading the cheers for Princess ElizabethShortly before her ascension to the throne in 1952, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh toured Canada in the fall of 1951. As part of this tour the royal couple attended a football game on the University campus on October 20th.

Plans for the event were prepared in great detail as is evident from this article excerpt from The Ubyssey:

"School children from the district boy scouts, cubs, girl guides and brownies will be assembled in the field house and will come forward to the edge of the track when the royal limousine makes its tour.

The royal party will enter the gate from the East Mall and make a clockwise circuit of the football field. Play in the game will be stopped as soon as they enter.

The outer perimeter will be lined by members of the COTC, UNTD and University Air Squadron in full uniform, spaced at intervals of five feet.

The car will stop in front of the grandstand where the royal couple will be met by President MacKenzie who will lead them up the flight of stairs to their special box. They will be introduced to Sherwood Lett, chancellor of the university, Mrs. Lett, Vaughan Lyon, AMS president and other dignitaries.

The Airforce band will then play six bars of God Save the King followed by the presentation of the Totem Pole. The royal party will then be seated and the game will continue."

Mary Lett with argillite totem poleThe Ubyssey (October 19, 1951)

Upper right: UBC President MacKenzie leads three cheers for Princess Elizabeth (UBC Archives photograph #23.1/85)

Lower right: Women's Undergraduate Society President Mary Lett with miniature argillite totem pole presented to Princess Elizabeth (#3.1/882-1)

Royal couple arriving at stadiumUnfortunately with unavoidable delays in their tour schedule, the royal couple did not arrive at the stadium until after the completion of the football game (the game against Eastern Oregon had been won by the home side by a score of 13-8). Many of the 5,000 spectators who had jammed the stadium grandstands remained in place to see the royal couple.

Royal couple being greeted by President MackenzieThe planned ceremony took place and the two teams that had remained on the field played a 10-minute exhibition game for the benefit of the royal couple.

Right: Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive at stadium
(#3.1/1387, #23.1/540)

President Norman MacKenzie with Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the stadium
(#1.1/403, #1.1/405)

Princess Elizabeth being seated in royal box Princess Elizabeth, Mackenzie, and Prince Philip leaving the stadium