Portrait of Queen ElizabethRoyal Visit - 1983Golden Jubilee emblem

While in British Columbia in 1983, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip paid a brief visit to the UBC campus where they toured the Museum of Anthropology, Asian Centre and the Health Sciences Centre.

Queen Elizabeth at the Museum of Anthropology

(UBC Archives photograph #'s 35.2/64-1, 35.2/64-2, 35.2/64-3, 35.2/64-4, 35.2/64-5, 35.2/64-6, 35.2/64-7,
41.1/1161-4, 41.1/1161-5, 41.1/1161-7)

Arriving at the Museum
Arriving at the Museum
In the Great Hall of the Museum
The Queen in the Museum
The Queen viewing Bill Reid's Raven and the First Men sculpture

Arriving at the Museum
Inside the Museum
In the Great Hall
the Queen and dignitaries
The Queen signing the guest book

On "walkabout"

(#41.1/1161-1, #41.1/1161-3, #41.1/1161-6, #35.2/64-9)

The Queen leaving the Museum
Crowds on the parkade waiting to see the Queen
The Queen with Chancellor Cline and Prince Philip
The Queen arriving at the Asian Centre

Queen Elizabeth tours the Asian Centre

(#41.1/1161-2, 35.2/65-1,

the Queen at the Asian Centre
Queen Elizabeth with antique Japanese bell
Japanese taiko drummers