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  Dr. Sidney H Zbarsky (1920-2002)
Interview date: February 14, 1985
February 21, 1985
Interviewer: Sharlene Stacey
Transcriber: Patricia Startin
Funding: The Woodward Foundation
Identifier: Book 2
Dr. Zbarsky joined UBC in 1949 from the University of Minnesota. He was a professor in the Department of Biochemistry for his whole career.

Summary: Tape 1, Side 1:
Early facilities, huts; academic medicine/research biochemistry/chemistry relationship; funding; clinical teaching

Tape 1, Side 2:
Dean Weaver; Dean Patterson and systems teaching; Dean McCreary; basic sciences facilities; Dr. Darrach; biochemistry curriculum; Biochemistry's relationship with and teaching in other departments
Transcript: Read transcript

Image of Dr. Sydney H Zbarsky (1920-
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