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  Dr. Claude Ernest Dolman (1906 - 1994)
Interview date: Tuesday, March 5, 1985
Interviewer: Sharlene Stacey
Transcriber: Patricia Startin
Funding: The Woodward Foundation
Identifier: Book 1
From 1935-1971, Dr. Dolman was a professor of bacteriology, preventive medicine and immunology at UBC.

Summary: Tape 1:
How/why he came to UBC in 1935 as professor of Bacteriology. Differences of opinion with N.A. MacKenzie. His Report on Medical Education. The quality of the students in the early years. Medical sciences vs. clinical medicine. The Institute for Preventive Medicine. The Hamilton report, Rockefeller Foundation opinion, Dean Weaver. Refusal to be part of the Faculty of Medicine; problems at the General Hospital. Dan McCreary.

Tape 2:

The Strong vs. Dolman Reports. His personal role in the negotiations and his personality. Bacteriology in the medical course. Importance of preventive medicine.

Transcript: Read transcript
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