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  Dr. Dr. Donald H. Williams (1907-1999)
Interview date: Friday, September 27, 1985
Interviewer: Sharlene Stacey
Transcriber: Patricia Startin
Funding: The Woodward Foundation
Identifier: Book 2
After training as a dermatologist outside the province, Dr Williams returned to BC in 1937. He was with the BC Ministry of Health, and Head of the Departments of Dermatology at VGH and UBC. Later he spearheaded the development of the Department of Continuing Medical Education and served as its Head from 1960-1967.

Summary: Tape 1, Side 1:
Personalities involved in the early medical school--Hickernell, Strong, Dolman, Ranta, Weaver, Kerr; the university hospital; basic sciences vs. clinical

Tape 1, Side 2:
Continuing medical education; Deans Paterson and McCreary; Cancer Institute work

Tape 2, Side 1:
First class admissions; university-hospital relations; medical team work

Tape 2, Side 2:
Early medical school research; financial concerns; Claude Dolman
Transcript: Read transcript

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