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  Dr. Ray Parkinson
Interview date: Wednesday, April 24, 1985
Wednesday May 1, 1985
Tuesday, May 21, 1985
Interviewer: Sharlene Stacey
Transcriber: Patricia Startin
Funding: The Woodward Foundation
Identifier: Book 2
Dr. Parkinson was a member of the 1st medical class. He
later practiced psychiatry in Vancouver.

Summary: Tape 1:
Dr. Parkinson describes how he managed an air force career, high school matriculation and a university degree in the 1940s; important role of the Pre-Med Society; problems of aspiring medical students; benefits of local medical training; preceptorships; facilities and teaching; the 'split' school; UBC Hospital controversy; isolation of the Faculty of Medicine; classes at VGH and the library; relationships with the professors; Dean Weaver; student social life.

Tape 2:
Dolman and Strong Reports; teaching hospitals; the medical lectures and the lecturers; psychiatric training; summer jobs; medical school admission process Tape 3:
Getting into medical school; the clinical teachers; general reminiscences; student sacrifices

Transcript: Read transcript

Image of Dr. Ray Parkinson
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