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  Dr. Sydney M. Friedman (1916-2015)
Interview date: Thursday, February 28 and
Thursday June 13, 1985
Interviewer: Sharlene Stacey
Transcriber: Patricia Startin
Funding: The Woodward Foundation
Identifier: Book 1
Dr. Friedman arrived at UBC as Professor of Anatomy in
1950 where he stayed for his entire career.

Summary: Tape 1:
His recruitment rom MdGill in 1949; early days of anatomy teaching in the medical school; the huts, early staff recruitment; Dean Patterson; Dean Weaver; starting up the medical library; Connie Friedman; visiting lecturers; Dean McCreary; the 'health team' concept; the Dept of Anatomy; cadavers.

Tape 2:
The medical students and the curriculum; biochemistry; clinical medicine vs. medical science; social life.

Transcript: Read transcript

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