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  Original Description
  Masters of Science Tapestry
Gobelin tapestry stitch 3.35m x 4.75m designed by E.O.D.V. Guillonnet and woven by J. Cochery
Masters of Science
Date of Acquisition
Source of Funds
Donated by the late Mr. P.A. Woodward
Purchased from:
Mmme. O. Menard
La Boutique de Bettina
65 Ave Mozart
Paris 16
"Tormented by the unknown, they keep the sacred fires of research burning throughout the ages"
"En proie aux tourments de l'Inconnu ils entretiennent au long des ages le feu de la Recherche"

E.O.D.V. Guillonnet, (creator of the design sketch)

J. Cochery (workshop head at the Gobelin tapestry works

This tapestry, worked in 1948 in a special workshop opened at Colombes particularly for the weaving of several models representing different scenes such as: Masters of Science--Masters of the Spirit-- Springtime--Water and Fire--The Harvest--The Dance--The Chase.

The workshop at Colombes was directed by M Guillaume Janneau, administrator of the Gobelin tapestry works. Numerous designs were drawn by O.-D.-V Guillonnet. M J. Cochery, workshop head at Gobelins, was the weaver.

A similar tapestry (the original) was woven on the Gobelin looms and is now hanging in the thesis room at the Sorbonne

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