Army Huts

Mall Huts (M 1-39) -- along west side of Main Mall,
Orchard Huts (O 1-25) -- between Stores Rd., Old B.C. Research Council Building, West Mall, and Arts One
Acadia Camp -- along Acadia Rd.,
Gymnasium, later Commerce Huts (G 1-13) -- north of Brock Hall,
Science Huts (S 1-11) -- between Chemistry and Physics,
Bus Stop Huts (B 1-10) -- east of Power House,
Auditorium Huts (A 1-9) -- west of Auditorium,
Library Huts (L 1-15) -- south and east of Main Library,
Wesbrook Camp (W1-35) -- along Wesbrook Mall,
Fort Camp -- on the location of todays' Anthropology and Sociology Building, and Museum of Anthropology
Army camp on Lulu Island also adapted for living quarters in-situ.
Original construction -- 1940
Moved to UBC -- 1945/46
Sources of funds:
N/A -- Department of National Defence turned over abandoned Army and Air Force camps to UBC at the end of the World War II.
Use history:
Used for classrooms, laboratories, living quarters, offices, reading rooms, student clubs, drafting rooms etc.
In post-war years accommodated Faculty of Law, Department of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health, Architecture, Commerce, University Extension, and B.C. Research Council.
Architectural features:
60'x24' wood tar-paper sheathed huts.
Demolition date:
Removed gradually along with construction of permanent buildings.
Few are still on campus (as of 2021): MFA Studios.
Two trailer camps were also used for student housing - Acadia Camp on campus, and Little Mountain Camp in Vancouver.

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